Asus announces the 500Hz NVIDIA G-Sync gaming display

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NVIDIA e Asus announce the primo display G-Sync a 500Hz in the world. The company promises a 24 inch 500Hz TN panel designed for esports titles running in 1080p. Let’s find out all the details together.

Asus announces the 500Hz NVIDIA G-Sync gaming display

The announcement comes just over two years since NVIDIA and Asus teamed up for introduce 360Hz gaming monitors for esports at CES 2020. PC gamers have typically purchased gaming monitors at 144Hzand also the panels a 240Hz they are not yet particularly common. So 500Hz might seem like an excess; NVIDIA however claims that it will make a difference for competitive players who want high performance.

To prove its point, NVIDIA used the awesome Phantom VEO 640S motion camera. This camera is equipped with 72 GB in RAM that allow you to record Valorant gameplay up to 1,000 fps. The company claims that this new 500Hz monitor will make it easier on the target tracking thanks to smoother animations, while the reduction of ghosting should minimize distractions during games.

To power a 500 Hz monitor, a PC it’s a GPU powerful gaming machines. According to rumors, NVIDIA will launch its own scheda RTX 4090 next generation this summer, the ideal companion for a 500Hz display.

The monitor ROG Swift 500Hz di Asus is 1080p, which means many titles should be able to achieve the necessary frame rates to make the most of a 500Hz panel with a high-end GPU.

The ROG Swift 500Hz also includes the Reflex Analyzer NVIDIA to measure the system latency it’s a G-Sync esports mode with an adjustable vibration mode that “allows light to pass through the LCD crystals,” according to Asus. This panel also uses a new one esports technology TN (E-TN), which Asus says offers “60% better response times than standard TN panels”.

For more information you can consult the official site.

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