ASUS: announces ZenScreen Go MB16AWP monitor

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ASUS announces ZenScreen Go MB16AWP: the portable monitor, now also wireless

ASUS presents ZenScreen Go MB16AWPa monitor FHD portable wireless from 15.6 in with panel anti-reflective e built-in battery and 7800 mAhcan offer up to 3,5 ore of continuous vision. The wireless functionality eliminates the need for the use of cables, by offering users greater freedom of action, it will be even more so immediate launch movies from your smartphone or share documents from another device. A accelerometer integrated allows theself-rotation of the display, detecting the orientation of the display and automatically and instantly switching from horizontal to vertical mode.

ZenScreen Go MB16AWP offers a design renewed, with attention to detail and even smarter, a tripod adjustable supports it to ensure a viewing position comfortable in any use scenario, while an outlet from 1/4 thumb on the back of the monitor allows for easy mounting with standard tripodsensuring maximum versatility and possibly also allowing you to save space on your desk. Light and extremely compactideal for a busy life and on the go, with a frame with ultra-thin edges, just 11,5 mmwhich fits easily into any bag from voyage room Work.

ASUS: announces ZenScreen Go MB16AWP monitor

Work more efficiently with wireless mirroring

ZenScreen Go MB16AWP offers support for the mirroring wireless for devices iOS, Android, macOS, Windows 10 and above, without the need for software o driver additional. This makes sharing even easier photo, video or documents from your notebook or smartphone to a secondary or larger screen. ZenScreen Go MB16AWP also offers support for extended desktop projection when paired with macOS, Chrome OS or Windows 10 and higher devices. It clearly works over a connection too wired with other devices of inputbeing present both gates of type USB-C o HDMI.

That you are using a connection wireless or wiredl’accelerometer (G-sensor) built-in detects the position of the display and adapts the content on the screen by automatically switching the mode horizontal to that vertical and viceversa. The former is ideal for presentations and spreadsheets, while portrait or portrait mode provides a more comfortable view for reading booksthe consultation and theediting documents or website browsing. The battery from 7800 mAh completes and enriches the versatility of this portable monitor, providing up to 3,5 ore of continuous use between one charge and another.

ASUS: announces ZenScreen Go MB16AWP monitor

Work in comfort

Ergonomics e versatility of ZenScreen Go MB16AWP yes marry in a renewed design and even more smart. A folding kickstand holds the screen up any area flat, offering easy tilt adjustment to ensure each user has a comfortable viewing or working position. An attack from 1/4 thumb allows users to attach the display to any standard tripod or other desktop stand. In addition to the door mini-HDMIZenScreen Go MB16AWP has a pair of ports USB-Cone equipped with mode DP Alt for the transmission of signals audio-video and input power on a single cable, and the other set for charging only.

The stereo speakers supplemented by 1 watt complete a truly rich endowment, returning a sound clear it’s a powerful audio for the use of each content, while a intelligent amplifier integrated helps to better manage the earphones via a standard jack from 3,5 mm. All this without forgetting that ZenScreen Go MB16AWP always ensures the best visual quality, thanks to a panel IPS anti-glare that gives perfect viewing a 180° and integrating technologies Flicker Free e Blue Light Filter to ensure a comfortable and completely stress-free vision, even in case of prolonged use.

ASUS: announces ZenScreen Go MB16AWP monitor

Adobe Creative Cloud included with purchase, availability and price

Products Adobe® they are essential for creative work in many areas. ASUS has tightened an important cooperation with Adobe in order to support their own creative workflows users with the renowned suite of Creative Cloud applications and services. So also ZenScreen Go MB16AWP already offers even in the price of purchase and free subscription ad Adobe Creative Cloud (in this case lasting one month), which allows creatives to have access to more than 20 applications among which Photoshop®, Premiere® Pro e After Effects®Besides 100 GB di cloud storage.

Creative Cloud membership can be applied to one account new one o existing and can be redeemed via the site of registration. The redemption period ends on November 15, 2022. More information is available on the dedicated page.

ASUS ZenScreen Go MB16AWP is available from ASUS Gold Store and the main ones Partner commercial at a recommended retail price of 569,00€ VAT included.

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