Le opportunità di una didattica augmented e molto altro durante l'EDU DAY di Microsoft thumbnail

The opportunities for augmented teaching and much more during Microsoft’s EDU DAY

This year theEDU DAY 2022 editionthe event of Microsoft dedicated to the world of schools, universities, research and culture. Let’s find out all the details together.

EDU DAY 2022 – the digitization of schools

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L’Edu Day 2022 it was held once again in his digital format and it was the perfect opportunity for announce new projects in the digital field. It is now well known: over the last few years our life has become much more digital, and the same goes for teaching. Similarly, Microsoft has emphasized the increase in the number of teachers they have made a tech path to undertake a more digital and innovative teaching method.

In a short time the number of educational establishments who have joined the program Showcase School & Incubator. It is a international program which includes a limited number of schools that have adopted the Microsoft technology and that have stood out for theirs vision of innovative teaching.

The goal of the program is to create a network of excellence globally, characterized by schools that have already undertaken a educational transformation path through Microsoft Education. At the same time they want each other sharing new ideas about digital and multimedia innovation through various events, both face-to-face and digitally.

The Microsoft team collaborates with schools to create solutions that can stimulate creativity and the productivity of educational programs. Microsoft Education particularly focuses on digital tools that can support thedidactic inclusion and to promote student autonomy and safety. And it is thanks to this intense collaboration between Microsoft and schools that the engineers of the education sector develop the company’s products.

Inclusive and digital tools

Renewing teaching and pushing it towards a more digitized world also means integrate the use of new devices that can help in learning. At the same time they must also be interactive it’s more engaging. An example can be found in the Federico II University of Naples, the first Italian university that started the experimentation of the Hybrid Learning Spaces. It’s about a integrated solutiondeveloped by Hevolus Innovation and Microsoft Italia.

Hybrid Learning Spaces are virtual classrooms which allow you to introduce a new one educational model to be used both remotely and in person, through lessons and support for holographic workshops.

However, this is not the only university to have focused on technology to improve teaching. Even the University of Insubria of Varese has decided to offer engaging and quality lessons both in presence and at a distance; has in fact announced the adoption in its own offices of a package of Microsoft Surface Hub 2S devices.

The University benefits from digital whiteboards which allow students to be present and remotely connected to participate actively in the course; at the same time it allows teachers to offer students one more innovative and interactive teaching.

Renewed collaborations and new projects

Many other topics were discussed during the course of the event. For example, Microsoft has consolidated its collaboration with the Ministry of Public Administration as part of the project Re-form the PA.

It is a strategic plan for the enhancement and it human capital development of the Public Administration through a training program e update aimed at 3.2 million public employees.

Microsoft has also renewed the partnership con CRUIwith whom he has already been working for some years, through the inclusion of insights into emerging technologies within different curricular paths in Italian universities. The purpose of the initiative is to support companies who have a hard time finding professionals with the necessary technical skills to face new business challenges.

To conclude, Microsoft’s Edu Day 2022 was also an opportunity to present the Libraries and Museums Education Transformation Framework. It is a tool that allows museums and libraries to evaluate your level of digitization.

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