ASUS ExpertCenter PN64 and PN52: new mini PCs announced

ASUS ExpertCenter PN64 e PN52: annunciati i nuovi mini PC

The Taiwanese giant announces the upcoming release on the market of its two new mini PCs: ASUS ExpertCenter PN64 and PN52. Let’s find out together

The Taiwanese multinational often draws our attentionand today is the announcement of the release of its two new mini PCs: ASUS ExpertCenter PN64 e PN52. The pair of mini PCs offers a incredible combination of performance and aestheticsincluding a unique beveled edge chassis for a look that easily fits into any office or commercial environment. ASUS ExpertCenter PN64 e PN52 guarantee extraordinary performance in the mini PC sector, with a compact layout and a heat dissipation system that aims to guarantee stability to the latest Intel and AMD processors. They measure just 120 x 130 x 58mm, and each model can support up to four displays and features full I / O connectivity. In addition, the MyASUS software allows you to correct noise to ensure crystal clear two-way voice communication, intelligent fan controls, system diagnostics and other functions.

ASUS ExpertCenter PN64

The mini PC ExpertCenter PN64 features a 12th generation Intel Core processor and DDR5-4800 RAM. It features a PCIe 4.0 x4 M.2 SSD slot, five USB ports, including a USB 3.2 Gen 2 Type-C port with DisplayPort 1.4 support, as well as two HDMI ports that support up to four displays. In addition, there is also a configurable port to ensure greater working flexibility. ASUS ExpertCenter PN64 is designed to allow quick access to storage and memory modules for easy upgrades.

Compared to the previous generation, the 12th generation Intel Core CPU delivers up to 2x faster performance. A notable upgrade, which helps process intensive business operations more efficiently. Another upgrade over the previous version is DDR5 memory, which provides significantly higher data rates than DDR4 and offers users greater performance and more efficient productivity.

ASUS ExpertCenter PN52

The mini PC ExpertCenter PN52 instead has thelatest AMD Ryzen 5000H series processor with integrated AMD Radeon graphics card. It features two PCIe 3.0 x4 M.2 2280 SSD slots and a 6 Gb / s SATA connector for 2.5 inch SATA HDD or SSD. PN52 also features two HDMI ports and seven USB ports, including a USB 3.2 Gen 2 Type-C port that supports DisplayPort 1.4.

Compared to the previous generation PN51, PN52 offers up to 27% increase in single-threaded performance and up to 19% increase in multi-threaded performance. In the benchmarks, PN52 showed an 11% improvement in web browsing, video conferencing, and app launch times. Productivity tests measure system performance with everyday office applications, including spreadsheets and writing workloads. For these productivity tests, PN52 performed 22% better than its predecessor PN51.

ASUS ExpertCenter PN64 and PN52: new mini PCs announced

New technologies

In addition to the features mentioned above, ASUS ExpertCenter PN64 e PN52 include several new technologies to improve cooling, and each device provides support for up to four 4K displays or one 8K display. They also incorporate AI-based noise cancellation technology for better voice communication. Here are the relevant technologies:

  • Improved cooling: a special heat conduit allows for better heat dissipation and an aluminum heat sink allows for more efficient conductivity to allow compact ASUS ExpertCenter PN64 e PN52 to provide level performance.
  • Support for 4K and 8K displays: Both models feature quad 4K displays and 8K support via standard dual HDMI ports, via DisplayPort, and via a configurable port. The quad 4K display mount is ideal for multi-display applications in shops, restaurants, hotels or video walls in public spaces. Instead, in office scenarios, it makes it easy to extend workspaces.
  • AI for noise cancellation: Built-in AI-based noise cancellation technology includes incoming and outgoing noise cancellation for crystal clear communication. It is ideal for users in educational, office or SOHO (Small Office / Home Office) settings.
  • Smart fan control: Unique intelligent fan control technology allows users to customize ventilation modes to suit their needs via an intuitive interface. Quiet mode offers low-noise performance, and standard mode is ideal for supporting sustained peak performance when processing data.
  • Support for USB Power Delivery input: Rear USB Type-C port supports Power Delivery input, so users can power on ASUS ExpertCenter PN64 e PN52 via a Power Delivery compatible monitor. This feature makes it possible to simplify your workspace by eliminating a power cord.

ASUS ExpertCenter PN64 and PN52: new mini PCs announced


Summing up, the new mini PCs ASUS ExpertCenter PN64 e PN52 they seem to be an excellent solution for the office or for the user who has limited space and does not need high performance. What do you think of it? Will you buy them? Let us know with a comment and keep following to always keep up with the hi-tech world.

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