ASUS: presents new ROG accessories for gaming

ASUS: presenta nuovi accessori ROG per il gaming

Asus presents the accessories to take gaming to another level, from the lightweight ROG Delta S Core to the Fusion II 300 headphones the audio is even more realistic and immersive, while the Strix Flare II keyboard ensures absolute precision

ASUS Republic of Gamers (ROG) announces the novelties of the peripheral world to maximize reactivity and immersion, so as to face the gameplay with greater accuracy, comfort and incisiveness. To achieve these goals, ASUS offers a series of new ROG series accessories that allow you to be competitive to the maximum. In detail are the headphones ROG Delta S Coreheadphones ROG Fusion II 300 and the keyboard ROG Strix Flare II.

ASUS ROG Delta S Core: the lightweight design gaming headset

The ROG Delta S Core they only weigh 270 grams and, feature the distinctive ergonomically shaped earpads D of the known series. These adapt perfectly to the shape of the ears to reduce up to 20% the unnecessary contact areas, for an even more comfortable fit and maximum comfort. By design discreet but distinctiveare equipped with drivers Essence da 50 mm and sealed chambers to produce rich, immersive sound, which includes the virtual 7.1 surround Supported by Windows Sonic.

The Delta S Core they also provide clear in-game voice communication thanks to an excellent, certified, detachable boom microphone Discord e TeamSpeak. Il jack da 3,5 mm it also makes them compatible with PC, Mac, mobile and consoles come PlayStation, Nintendo Switch e Xbox.

ASUS: presents new ROG accessories for gaming

ASUS ROG Fusion II 300

ROG Fusion II 300 they are the ultimate gaming headset capable of audio virtual 7.1 surround advanced and equipped with technology ESS 9280 Quad DAC high resolution along with microphones AI Beamforming with AI-assisted noise cancellation, to deliver impeccable audio and voice communications, always realistic and immersive.

Il Quad DAC ESS 9280 it is matched to the drivers Essence da 50 mm capable of offering even gamers advanced lossless audio processing. Each of the four DAC allocates processing power to a specific subset of the audible frequency range bass, mids, highs and ultra-highs, thus obtaining a crisp and clear sound, for a truly amazing sound experience.

AI Beamformin microphones

With AI-assisted noise cancellation, they always return a clear and natural voice, eliminating noise and disturbances with only minimal distortion. Microphones create an acoustic zone of 40° right in correspondence with the player’s mouth and filter annoying background noises coming from other directions, for extremely precise and timely speech detection. In addition, the technology AI Noise Cancellation precisely identifies and reduces background noise by up to 95%, isolating it by recognizing over 500 million different types of noise, including chatter, keystrokes, and mouse clicks.

The new Fusion II 300 also integrate lighting Customizable RGB aura on beyond 16.8 million of color combinations and six preset lighting effects, all selectable via the software Armory Crate. The software gives you access to extensive controls and an intuitive interface to adjust lighting and sound profiles to your liking.

They offer connectivity USB-C and USB Type-A to be compatible with any type of device, including notebooks, desktop PCs, smartphones and mobile devices, but also next-gen gaming consoles.

ASUS: presents new ROG accessories for gaming

ASUS ROG Strix Flare II

ROG Strix Flare II it is the second generation gaming keyboard of the series Strix Flaredesigned with innovative features to improve gameplay and offer an unparalleled user experience.

It features a micro-controller USB high-speed offering a polling rate of 8000 Hz which updates the input up to 8 volte faster than most of the most advanced gaming keyboards on the market, reducing the response time from 1ms to only 0,125 ms. It has proprietary mechanical switches ROG NX RED for incredibly fast, instant and accurate actuation.

In the Italian layout the compilers are in ABS and, each key features medium-height keycaps with a shorter stem to reduce wobble and ensure more comfortable typing. A specially optimized ROG Switch Stabilizer reduces friction between keys to provide smoother and more stable movement for even longer keystrokes like the spacebar, shift or enter key. This provides even the longest keys with a consistently faithful and accurate pressure feel.

Sound absorbing foam

Inside the chassis it absorbs pinning noises and echoes ensuring better acoustics while porting USB 2.0 passthrough It’s perfect for connecting a mouse, external drive, or charging your mobile devices.

ROG Strix Flare II also integrates handy metal media controls in the upper left corner, arranged to be always at hand and programmable as hotkeys, for advanced customization. Using the scroll wheel it will be possible to adjust the volume or mute the audio altogether, while with the adjacent selector you can reverse or skip tracks, pause or play them, offering total control and maximum convenience, for an experience of game and entertainment even richer.

ASUS: presents new ROG accessories for gaming

Prices and availability

Headphones ROG Delta S Core, ROG Fusion II 300 and the keyboard ROG Strix Flare II, they are all already available on the eShop and at the Gold Stores, and the main ASUS Commercial Partners at a recommended retail price of respectively €109.99, €149.99 and €179.90 including VAT.

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