ASUS ROG Strix SQ7: finally revealed the specifications

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Released the specifications from ASUS related to the new ROG Strix SQ7 SSD. Finally revealed all the information in detail.

A little less than a month ago, ASUS posted a teaser for his first Internal SSD, the ROG Strix SQ7. Now the company (here for more info) has finally released the full specifications. The new SSD, in fact, is based on the controller Phison E18 a 12 nm. Although ASUS didn’t specifically mention the type of flash used from the unit, he kindly left the flash model number visible in one of his unit images. Although the full model name is not visible, enough is visible to identify it as the Micron 176-layer TLC flash. Il ROG Strix SQ7 it also sports a cache DDR4as expected, although ASUS doesn’t mention clock speeds.

ASUS ROG Strix SQ7: finally revealed the specifications

Details of the new ASUS ROG Strix SQ7

ASUS claims the drive will provide sequential read speeds of up to 7000 MB / s and write speeds up to 6000 MB / s. Which puts the ROG Strix SQ7 in direct competition with many other high-end units based on Phison E18 of the likes of Kingston, MSI, Sabrent and other. Unfortunately, ASUS doesn’t mention IOPS or random performance, although a cache is mentioned SLC “Large” unspecified.

Other features include encryption TGC Opal e AES a 256 bit. ASUS also provides its own SSD dashboard, which of course is ROG-branded. Although it looks like a skin version of the dashboard SSD standard di Phisonrather than something personalized. ASUS also provides a copy of the software NTI Backup Now EZ and the drives appear to have a five-year warranty. The Company mentions PS5 compatibility outside the PC space. No word has been given on pricing or retail availability and so far ASUS has only listed one model from 1 TB.

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