ASUS TUF Gaming H3: Lightweight wireless headphones for heavy game sessions

The new ASUS TUF Gaming H3 headphones have a design focused on comfort and lightness and support for 2.4 GHz wireless technology via USB-C dongle. It supports many devices including PC, PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch and smartphone

ASUS has announced the arrival of the new ASUS TUF Gaming H3 Wireless, the headphones for gamers who want to experience an even more immersive gaming experience in terms of sound and audio effects on different platforms, with the maximum comfort, ergonomics and with attention to the wallet. The new headphones will allow you to fully enjoy immersive gaming sessions thanks to the low latency offered by the 2.4 GHz wireless connection. The new ASUS TUF Gaming H3 Wireless headphones, unlike traditional wireless headphones that can have latency or unstable connections, exploit the tecnologia wireless a 2,4 GHz. This allows connections with lower latency than Bluetooth headsets, improving communication and gaming experience.

Audio quality is a feature of the ASUS Essence 50mm Drivers with design with neodymium magnet and sealed chamber. The result of this constructive approach is clear, defined and precise audio, supported by powerful bass to ensure additional realism during gameplay. Added to this is the immersion of the effects virtual surround 7.1 in order to detect the precise positioning of each sound, which allows you to gain competitive advantages during gaming and a more engaging listening with movies.

ASUS TUF Gaming H3: Lightweight wireless headphones for heavy game sessions

ASUS TUF Gaming H3: Low-latency wireless technology

Traditional wireless headphones can have latency or unstable connections, the TUF Gaming H3 Wireless take advantage of 2.4 GHz wireless technology to ensure connections with lower latency than Bluetooth headphones. Extended battery life allows you to enjoy at least 8 days of play or music on a single charge, while avid gamers can enjoy as well 15 hours of nonstop action. An improved coverage area of ​​up to 25 meters allows you to walk freely and leave your station without worrying about losing the signal.

Le ASUS TUF Gaming H3 Wireless sommano high comfort and sound quality to ensure the best comfort for gamers even after long gaming sessions. The pavilions with bearings ASUS Fast-cooling they quickly eliminate the heat that accumulates inside the cap, thanks to the 100% ecological leather lining on the external pavilion in memory foam type.The headband has also been carefully designed to ensure long life of use over time. The band that joins the two pavilions is made of durable stainless steel. Superior comfort is the result of the design of the headband that impresses 20% less force than a standard headset.

Finally, the headphones feature a unidirectional microphone, optimized to ensure clear voice communications. The microphone is certified for use with the main chat and videocall applications. Convenient buttons are located on the ear cup for adjusting the microphone, volume and checking the battery level.

Price and availability

The ASUS TUF Gaming H3 Wireless headphones are available at a recommended retail price of € 99.90 VAT included. More details can be found on the official website of the product. That’s all from the hardware section, keep following us!

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