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ASUS: two promotions on TUF Gaming products are underway

Two important promotions related to the ASUS TUF Gaming sector concerning cashback and free products are kicking off

The company in Taipei, in addition to being busy with the production of high-level products in the series ROGalso owns a second brand designed entirely for gaming, namely The Ultimate Force (TUF). Contrary to the first, these products are slightly lower-end, but still be careful to underestimate them too much. Although they do not reflect the potential that those of Republic of Gamers can provide, they are still good products for anyone who wants to have good performance in the game.

Today we will tell you in this article about two promotions launched by ASUS and which affect TUF Gaming products. The first will focus on cashback which in recent years we have come to know very well; the second one will concern gods free products that the company will give to anyone who buys a new monitor, motherboard, case or router. But let’s go in order and see everything in detail.

ASUS: two promotions on TUF Gaming products are underway

Here are ASUS promotions for the TUF Gaming product line

Those who already appreciate the products of the TUF Gaming series will be able to take advantage of a special Cash Back promotion on a wide selection of components and accessories to renew or enrich your gaming station and elevate the user experience: available different models of motherboards, video cards, monitors, routers and mesh systems, gaming monitors and much more.

Gaming enthusiasts will therefore be able to upgrade their PC by purchasing a motherboard TUF Gaming Z790 with a reimbursement of the value up to €40 or a video card like the TUF Gaming RX 7900 XT OC Edition or one TUF Gaming RTX 4080 OC Edition with cash back up to €100.

For those who are looking for a performance monitor and also suitable for intense gaming sessions and more, ASUS offers many top-of-the-range solutions, including models TUF Gaming VG28UQL1A e TUF Gaming VG30VQL1Aexcellent for both PC and console use, with additional refunds up to €40. For more details, we leave you the official page with all the products eligible for the Cash Back and the related refunds.

The products can be purchased directly on the site ASUS eShop and at i many other retailers participating in the initiative. Users who purchase one of the eligible products by 27 April 2023 they will be able to redeem the Cash Back by registering the requested information and uploading their invoice or purchase document starting from March 30 until May 11, 2023. After a short check, users will be able to receive the refund directly to their bank account.

Users will also be able to choose whether request cash back individually on one or more products listed or take advantage of the same promo for the purchase of a complete PCstarting with one of the TUF Gaming Builds proposed and specially created by one of the ASUS certified partners participating in the initiative.

Not only cashback, but also gifts

The second of the two ASUS promotions focused on the products of the TUF Gaming line provides instead exclusive gifts whether someone is intent on buying a monitor, a new motherboard, a case or a router. More specifically, ASUS has reserved the possibility of receiving, with the purchase of selected models, a mouse, mousepad, SSD enclosure, or Bluetooth adapter. These will come offered automatically by selecting one of the products included in the promotion.

For more details on the products in this offer, you can consult the following link. What do you think of these promotions? Let us know yours in the comments. In order not to miss further news regarding the hardware universe, continue to follow!

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