ASUS Z790: Motherboards for 13th Generation Intel Core processors

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The latest and best Intel motherboards ever offer support for advanced memory profiles, overclocking, cooling and ease of installation, here are the Z790s from ASUS

ASUSannounces a full line of motherboards Intel Z790, with families ROG Maximus, ROG Strix, TUF Gaming e Prime, all designed to support the latest 13th Generation Intel Core processors. Thanks to exclusive technologies such as AEMP II, AI Overclocking e AI Cooling IIas well as easy-to-use features like the Q-DesignASUS Z790 motherboards are the ideal solution for all users who want to build a new generation machine or upgrade their current setup.

ASUS Z790: Motherboards for 13th Generation Intel Core processors

AEMP II: Memory optimization, even easier

When ASUS, it launched the previous generation motherboards Z690the memory modules DDR5 They were just starting to hit the market, with many users struggling with assembling their PCs asking for certainty that their new memory banks could perform as advertised on their new motherboards, which ASUS has put a lot of effort into. To meet user needs, the company has thus worked closely with a wide range of industry partners to develop Enhanced Memory Profile (AEMP), able to guarantee a better and wider compatibility with the most popular RAM memory brands.

Having in the meantime become a mature market that of DDR5, also thanks to a wider range of memory kits available at increasingly attractive prices, those who today are about to update or build a new PC clearly tend to focus more attention on performance more than mere compatibility. Thus, once again, he has put in a great effort to be able to introduce, on each Z790 motherboard, with DDR5 support, a further advancement of the AEMP II functionalitynow able to offer RAM speeds up to 37,5% higher than the standard specifications DDR5-4800.

Developed through a flexible learning method, these profiles allow users to easily optimize memory well above basic settings while maintaining perfectly stable system operation. With AEMP II, memory optimization is really just a click away, whether it’s getting the most out of an entry-level module, or preparing a high-speed kit to achieve the highest performance .

ASUS Z790: Motherboards for 13th Generation Intel Core processors

AI Overclocking: Easy and effective CPU optimization

ASUS AI Overclocking, was developed through constant and extensive research and is based on measuring the performance potential of thousands of real CPUs in test labs. It is in fact the industry’s leading performance tool today overclocking and ease of use by boosting the CPU clock with a single clickboth for workloads that use a limited number of threads and for those that use all cores.

The sophisticated AI Overclockin intelligence, g also monitors the efficiency of the CPU cooler and any changes in the operating environment of your PC, fine-tuning the various parameters over time to obtain the best performance with the specific components of each system. AI Overclocking will be standard on all motherboards ROG Maximus e ROG Strix Z790.

ASUS Z790: Motherboards for 13th Generation Intel Core processors

AI Cooling II and FanXpert: complete thermal solutions

When the feature is first activated AI Cooling IIvia the interface FanXpert dell’app Armoury Crate, this uses a machine learning algorithm to collect data on your PC through a short stress test. From then on, AI Cooling II monitors the CPU and uses the data obtained from the stress test to calculate the minimum fan speed required to effectively cool the system, thereby minimizing noise levels.

This fan control system can reduce the overall noise produced by the PC fans by up to 5,7 dB, in case of prolonged activities over time. Thanks to this system self-adaptive, users always have full cooling power available when they need it and quiet operation when they want it. Also took the opportunity to update FanXpert with a full set of fan calibration and control options, providing temperature data mapping and fan response mapping, all directly within Windows through the convenient application Armoury Crate.

ASUS Z790: Motherboards for 13th Generation Intel Core processors

ASUS Q-Design: Easy to build and upgrade your new PC

The button PCIe Slot Q-Release, allows users to easily unlock the graphics card from the slot with the push of a finger. This handy feature debuted on high-end Z690 motherboards, but will now be offered on boards as well TUF Gaming e Prime Z790-A WiFi.

In a very similar way, the traditional slot designs DIMM, require users to lock both sides of the memory modules, making it difficult or at least inconvenient to unlock the latch closest to the graphics card, especially for those with larger fingers. For this reason, the brand has implemented an innovative design Q-DIMM, to lock single-sided memory modules for all its motherboards Z790. Thanks to this solution, only one anchor point on the easiest to reach side of the slot is sufficient DIMM to hold each memory bank securely in place.

ASUS has also simplified the process of installing a drive M.2. Q-Latch, it offers users the peace of mind of no longer having to use M.2 screws, which are usually tiny and easy to lose. Now you can attach or remove an M.2 drive with just your fingertips. The Q-Latch M.2 is not only available on all ROG Maximus, ROG Strix and TUF Gaming Z790 motherboards, but is also included in the Prime Z790-A WiFi model.

ASUS Z790: Motherboards for 13th Generation Intel Core processors

Availability and prices

ASUS motherboards, of the series Z790 will be available from October 20 on the eShop, at the Gold Stores, the resellers participating in the Powered by ASUS Program and the main commercial partners.

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