ASUSTOR: scopriamo le preferenze degli utilizzatori dei NAS

ASUSTOR: let’s discover the preferences of NAS users

Entertainment and photo and video storage, but also virtualization, security and productivity are the types of software most downloaded from App Central, the store from which ASUSTOR NAS owners can refer to customize their devices according to their specific needs and enrich them with additional features

astorone of the most important and innovative producers of NAS, founded in 2011 with a direct investment of ASUSTek Computer Incvia the store App Center provides its users with hundreds of apps that allow them to customize their devices and equip them with the features they want.

In the first place of the most downloaded apps from the ASUSTOR store it can only appear Plex Media Serverthe well-known platform dedicated to the creation and management of multimedia libraries, which allows the NAS to stream content of all kinds to a variety of devices, even if connected remotely.

ASUSTOR: let's discover the preferences of NAS users

Photo Gallery

Then we find Photo Gallery, an app that allows you to easily store your photos and videos, as well as create and manage photo albums. Furthermore, thanks to the full integration with all the main social networks, Photo Gallery allows the direct sharing of the images stored on the NAS with their friends and followers.

If in the home it is above all the functions related to entertainment and those related to photographic archiving that are the masters, in the professional field the high number of app downloads immediately stands out, such as Docker Engine and Portainer CEwhich immediately make it clear how NAS, especially high-end ones, have now also become part of the world of virtualization and are no longer exclusively used as “containers” on which to store data or as backup solutions.

ASUSTOR: let's discover the preferences of NAS users

App Mail Server

Always relevant mainly professional area is the app Mail Server, which stands out for the number of installations or is constantly growing. Particularly simple to install and configure, this app allows the management of an unlimited number of users without the need to incur costs for additional licenses, to manage incoming and outgoing mail, to easily consult the log to verify the delivery of the emails to the recipients’ servers, as well as to prevent the emails within your organization from passing through external servers, also reducing bandwidth consumption.

Finally, a particular mention goes to Surveillance Centeran app that allows the creation and management of multi-camera video surveillance systems, both in the home and for those who need to control large systems consisting of up to 100 cameras.

ASUSTOR: let's discover the preferences of NAS users

Further info

Learn more about the App Center and the apps you can install on NAS ASUSTOR are available at the following link. What do you think of App Central, the store from which ASUSTOR NAS owners can refer to customize their devices according to their specific needs? Let us know below in the comments. Don’t forget to follow us on our Instagram page, on all our other social networks and to stay connected on

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