Asustor: le app più scaricate sui NAS da App Central thumbnail

Asustor: the most downloaded apps on NAS from App Central

scary tells the world of NAS through the most downloaded apps from the App Central store– a way to see how users leverage NAS storage. The hundreds of apps available to users in fact have different purposes and functions. From entertainment to productivity.

Asustor: the most downloaded apps on NAS from App Central

One of the most downloaded apps on NAS can only be there Plex Media Server, the well-known platform that allows you to create and manage multimedia libraries. In this way, users can stream content to different devices, even remotely.

Then it can not miss Photo Gallery, which allows you to store and manage your photos and videos. And with the full integration of the most popular social networks, you can also share the shots with your friends.

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If entertainment and multimedia storage dominate the home, there are also many features for professionals. For example there are Docker Engine e Portainer CEwhich attest that high-end NAS are often used for virtualization.

Mail Server continues to grow, a sign that many users prefer to store their emails on NAS to have complete control at no additional cost. But impossible not to mention Surveillance Centerwhich allows you to manage a video surveillance of up to 100 cameras, therefore useful both for home use and for companies even of moderate size.

All of these apps are available on App Central – if you have an Asustor NAS, your one-stop shop for software.

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