At Easter +60% of paid parking with the EasyPark app

A Pasqua +60% di soste pagate con l'app di EasyPark thumbnail

Easter 2023 will certainly be remembered for the large number of visitors to Italian cities, but EasyPark will remember it as the day in which the number of stops made via smartphone reached unprecedented heights first, with the 60% more stops paid with the app EasyPark compared to 2022.

EasyPark, more than half of the stops paid for with the app

EasyPark, the global parking tech, is available in 650 cities in Italy and in over 20 countries worldwide. Precisely on Easter day, it recorded an above-average peak in transactions: +60% compared to the same day in 2022, and, looking at four years ago, +300% compared to Easter 2019.

This is further confirmation of how much the use of the digital world for parking operations is now a trend in constant and unceasing increaseAlso in Italy.

Three record-breaking Italian cities

From North to South, therefore, this idea is taking root more and more: for example Gaeta proved to be an excellent debut, considering that the EasyPark service has only been activated for a few weeks. For Salò e Ravello the numbers were staggering: the stops paid with the EasyPark app over the Easter weekend in Salò were double those recorded in the same period of 2022, while in Ravello the same as those made in August 2022.

During the Easter holidays, therefore, Italian and foreign visitors trusted the EasyPark app to fully enjoy their free time, without having to worry about the parking in progress or any fines due to the expiry of the ticket’s duration. Furthermore, according to EasyPark data, in the three municipalities the 15% of users extended their dwell timeeffectively taking advantage of one of the pluses of the app.

“Fostering tourism, facilitating the visitor experience even in parking operations is part of our mission” he declared Giuliano Caldo, Head of South & Central Europe of EasyPark Group.

“Our app allows you to geolocate the parking area tariff conveniently from your smartphone and possibly extend your stay remotely wherever you are, without having to return to your car. Thanks to the ease, convenience and speed of use, parking applications represent an increasingly widespread method throughout our peninsula. As a company, we are proud to continue contributing to the greater modernization and digitization of our country.”