Atalanta-Monza: where to watch the match, Sky or DAZN?

Matteo De Filippi

The Gewiss Stadium Atalanta-Monza match is approaching, but where can we watch the match between Sky and DAZN? Let’s find out together

I TV rights, never as in recent years, can be quite difficult for fans who want to follow their favorite team. The subdivision of the television packages, in fact, it can be a real problem for the fans and not only from a financial point of view. The main problem is the always check the schedule of the two companies to better understand which of Sky and DAZN will be able to show us our favorite team and, consequently, where to see the Atalanta-Monza match.

DAZNIndeed, it gives the possibility to follow in absolute exclusive 7 of 10 matches for each roundwhile the Sky subscribers will be able to see the remaining 3. Obviously the season ticket packages are not limited only to Serie A. In fact, through the latter we will be able to follow all the European events, from Champions Leagueat the UEFA Europa League to finish at UEFA Conference League. It will also be possible to view the matches of the other European leagues and the various categories of women’s soccer.

Not just football though. On DAZN it will be possible to follow the meetings of UFC e PFCwhile on Sky the F1 world championship and that of the MotoGP. These last two will be also broadcast free-to-air and live on Swiss TV. But let’s get back to us and see when the game will be played. The match will be played Sunday 4 June at 21:00. The hosts need important points to hit the Europa League target, but derbies can be tricky and the visitors won’t back down after their home defeat to Lecce. Which of the two will win? If you don’t know where to see the Atalanta-Monza match between Sky and DAZNkeep reading this article to find out.

Atalanta-Monza: where to watch the match, Sky or DAZN?

So where to see the Atalanta-Monza match between Sky and DAZN? The answer is both

Atalanta-Monza will therefore be one co-exclusive of the two companies and you can you decide where to see the match which sees the nerazzurri and red and whites collide. If you haven’t subscribed to the London-based company’s streaming service yet, you can do it via this link. We also remind you that subscriptions to follow Serie A start from €29.99 for the standard planWhile the plus costs €44.99 and allows viewing on two devices even from different networks, plus all other sporting events.

If, on the other hand, you prefer to subscribe with Sky Italiathe cheapest one, which will also allow you to save a lot of money and will not require a satellite TV decoder, is to NOW TV. Through this link you will access the platform page, through which you can join the sport package. This will be accessible to cost only €14.99 per month and will guarantee you, in addition to the 3 Serie A matches for each round, all the major European football competitionsil F1 world championship is that of MotoGPl’NBAi best tennis tournaments and so much more.

You will therefore be able to watch your match comfortably seated on the sofa in front of the television or even on the screen of your mobile phone if you are travelling. All you have to do is download the app on your device, log in and you’re done. Who do you think will win this match? Let us know yours in the comments. In order not to miss further news regarding the web and social universe, continue to follow!

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