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Atomic Heart: tips and tricks to survive

Let’s see together in this guide some tricks and tips to survive in the dangerous world of the brand new Atomic Heart

Since its official announcement, the title created by the boys of Mundfish has immediately catalyzed attention, thanks to a truly characteristic artistic direction and style. The clear references to famous series, first of all Bioshosck (whose fourth episode seems to have encountered development problems that delayed the official reveal), were a key element in shaping the setting and gameplay of the game. Now that Atomic Heart is finally here, here are some tips and tricks to help you on your adventure.

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If you have just started playing the role of agent P-3 here are some strategies to help you survive all’uchronia of the world created by Mundfish. If those who have already played the Bioshock saga will be able to find some familiarity with the gameplay of the title (for example the possibility of using particular powers in addition to firearms), it will still offer a whole series of interesting elements that will have to be mastered. It must be said that the initial tutorials do their job well, but once the incipit is finished it will be up to you to implement the learned techniques in the best possible way.

Atomic Heart: tips and tricks to survive

One hand washes the other – Atomic Heart: tips and tricks to survive

The first tricks and tips we want to give you are related to the weapons in Atomic Heart. The latter will in fact be divided into three categories: melee weapons, ranged ballistic weapons (the only ones to use conventional ammunition) and ranged energy weapons (which allow an alternative firing mode). Weapons can also inflict elemental damage such as ice or electricity (the latter typical of energy weapons), and can be enhanced through the use of special modifications, often in the form of cartridges, which allow us to add new useful effects to our attacks . In this context, the scanner will also be very useful, through which it will be possible to obtain valuable information on the resistances and weak points of the various enemies.

But, exactly as happened in Bioshock, we will also be able to count on a whole series of special powers. Similarly to the Plasmids and the Vigor present in the saga just mentioned, here we will be able to use the Polymers to acquire useful skills, such as telekinesis or throwing electric shocks from the hands. With a little practice we will be able to lift an enemy into the air and then give him a good shock or freeze him, or set an area on fire by combining the Polymer Jet with a weapon capable of inflicting incendiary damage. In short, it is therefore vitally important to learn how to combine the skills and weapons that we will obtain, in such a way as to find the right strategy to get away with it in any situation. Finally, it must be remembered that, as with weapons and more, the skills can also be improved by spending Neuropolymers at the appropriate stations.

Atomic Heart: tips and tricks to survive

Energy – Atomic Heart: tips and tricks to survive

In the previous paragraph of this guide to tips and tricks we told you, among other things, about energy weapons, which we will be able to get our hands on as we explore the dangerous world of Atomic Heart. The latter, as the name itself suggests, instead of consuming bullets, will use energy for each attack. Once the latter is exhausted, it will slowly restore itself, but we will be able to speed up this process with melee attacks, which allow you to recover energy with each successful hit.

Also in this case it will be possible to acquire upgrades that make life easier. By spending Neuropolymers, in fact, it will be possible to increase the energy charge at our disposal, as well as the speed at which it will recharge. In short, it is advisable to spend some resources to obtain new improvements in this field, especially if you find yourself often using weapons that require the use of large quantities of energy.

Atomic Heart: tips and tricks to survive

Use your wits – Atomic Heart: tips and tricks to survive

Whatever your approach to the world of Atomic Heart, one of the best tips and tricks we can give you is: use your wits. In fact, facing every danger head-on might not always turn out to be the best solution. Scattered around the game world will be numerous cameras and surveillance bots. Avoid or neutralize them if you can (the electric discharges will be particularly useful in these cases) as if you are spotted the alarm level will rise, calling various enemies towards your position. The higher the alert level, the greater the enemy offensive will be, so don’t neglect this aspect.

Oftentimes brute force will still be necessary, but even combat will need to be approached with a good strategy in mind. While you can make use of all of the previously mentioned array of weapons and abilities, keep in mind that trying to exterminate everything that moves will most likely lead to overconsuming your supply of ammo and resources. It doesn’t help that among the opposing ranks there are several units capable of generating new enemies (especially organic ones) or even repairing the robots you destroy, so in order to survive it is essential to learn how to manage the situation using both the muscles and the head.

Atomic Heart: tips and tricks to survive

The solution to the riddle – Atomic Heart: tips and tricks to survive

A guide to tips and tricks for Atomic Heart would not be complete without considering the puzzle solving component of the title. The puzzles present in the game are of various nature and range from the simple like snapping your fingers at the right moment to open a lock, to the more complex, like finding the right combination of LEDs to activate. There are also puzzles of an environmental nature that will require you to exploit elements of the scenario, such as for example the spills of Polymers, which will remind you of the masses of water suspended in the air in which it is possible to swim.

Within the Proving Grounds you may find some of the more difficult puzzles, but despite this, we strongly advise you not to leave these areas, as this is where some of the most useful rewards for your adventure are hidden. Some puzzles could give you some more headaches than expected, but don’t be discouraged and try to use all the resources and skills at your disposal to get into the game’s perspective and understand what the right reasoning is to solve every challenge that comes your way.

Atomic Heart: tips and tricks to survive

Good morning, Nechayev!

The open world set up by the boys of Mundfish is undoubtedly as fascinating as it is extremely hostile. The well-kept artistic direction of the game is capable of surprising but, at the same time, of restoring the feeling of a world in which, to survive, you will have to learn to make the most of all the resources at your disposal. Fortunately, the gameplay offers different solutions to deal with each situation and therefore now it’s up to you to find the best way to bring home the skin.

What do you think of this brand new title? Have you already tried it or are you thinking of doing it, perhaps taking advantage of the fact that it is available in the Xbox Game Pass catalog? Let us know in the comments and stay tuned to for all the news dedicated to the world of video games. To buy video games at a discounted price, we advise you to take a look at the Kinguin catalogue.