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ATrack launches the AL300 LTE-M waterproof tracker

ATrack Technology is a world leading brand in the design of telematic devices and inaugurated 2022 with the launch of the new AL300 LTE-M waterproof tracker. This tracker is equipped with I functionsP67 to ensure users are waterproof against water and dust. It is a solution designed for heavy machinery and transport equipment to be placed outdoors.

The features of the new waterproof tracker from ATrack

ATrack’s waterproof tracker is an ideal solution for refrigerated trucks, scooters, trailers and heavy machinery for agriculture and construction. Note that the tracker is able to monitor driving behavior and various other operational data, in real time, thanks to the LTE support. This solution allows a clear reduction in communication costs, making it the ideal choice for heavy machinery equipment and fleets.

There is also Bluetooth

Also noteworthy is the presence of the support Bluetooth which allows quick connection to other sensors (such as temperature sensors mounted on certain equipment). In this way, it is possible to detect anomalies of various types in the shortest possible time. It should be noted that the new tracker has already obtained the CE mark from the EU and aims to become an important reference also in our market. Its features, in fact, guarantee the tracker the ability to adapt to different contexts of use, fully satisfying the needs of users.

All the details about the new ATrack tracker are available on the official company website.

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