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Audible tests advertising within audiobooks

Audiblethe audiobook platform owned by Amazon, is experimenting with the possibility of inserting advertisements into audiobooks. These are short commercials that are inserted between chapters or episodes of podcasts and Audible Originals. This feature is currently limited to non-paying memberswho can access a selection of titles for free but with the presence of ads.

Audible, advertising within free audiobooks

Audible claims to have informed the content providers of this news and given them the opportunity to choose whether to participate or not. Also, ensure that the maximum number of announcements played in 24 hours will be eightno matter how much you listen.

This might not sound like much, but for many listeners used to a seamless experience, it could be annoying and intrusive. So this decision could prompt them to invest in the paid version of the service.

audiolibri gratis audible

What is the purpose of this test? Audible doesn’t explain it clearly, but just says that it’s a way to “optimize” the service and to “gain knowledge” about the needs of customers and partners.

Maybe he’s setting the stage for a future ad-supported low-cost subscription? At the moment we don’t know and Audible doesn’t seem willing to talk about it directly. However, it seems plausible that the company also wants to monetize the number of books available for free on the platform.

Although perhaps many users will prefer to choose to subscribe to the monthly subscription during Amazon’s Spring Offers, given the reduced cost. And only then decide whether an advertisement occasionally bothers you or not.

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