Augmented reality, metaverse and 5G: Vodafone Italia offers a new museum experience

Realtà aumentata, metaverso e 5G: Vodafone Italia offre una nuova esperienza museale thumbnail

Vodafone Italycon Hevolus Innovation, launches a new museum experience in which augmented reality, metaverse and 5G merge. Let’s find out the details together.

Vodafone Italia with Hevolus Innovation: here is the new museum experience

Vodafone is the technological partner of Eataly Art House and designed the 5G network covering the exhibition area of ​​the historical Verona Specialized Refrigeration Station. When technology meets art, in fact, a new way to experience it. A unique and sustainable way.

On the occasion of the Italian exhibition of contemporary art by Ibrahim Mahamaentitled Don’t like it and curated by Eva Brioschi held in Verona by E.ART.H. from the October 5, 2022 to January 29, 2023the fusion between set-up technique and augmented reality technologies allows enrich the visitor’s journey.

It will in fact be possible to admire works e installations physically exposed, and recall holographic content in video-photographic format. All this will serve to better understand and appreciate the Research by the Ghanaian artist, the social value of his projects and will allow you to discover one unpublished three-dimensional holographic installation.

Regarding this Donato Di NellaHead of Corporate Sales at Vodafone Business, said:

“We are happy to contribute with our technology and our skills to an avant-garde project, forerunner of the art exhibitions of the future. We provide E.ART.H. and of visitors the experience gained during the 5G experimentation in Milan of which Vodafone was the leader. 5G is an extremely innovative technology that will change different aspects of daily life and will allow you to experience increasingly engaging moments, unthinkable today. Vodafone enriches the experience of the exhibition by allowing everyone a unique, intense and connected moment, with the event and the artist. Thus we open the way to a connected and sustainable museum and artistic visit ”.

Hevolus Innovation dice la sua

Also Antonio SqueoCIO of Hevolus Innovationwanted to comment on the experience.

“In the metaverse and in phygital visits, the emotional impact of the experience plays a decisive role. By making the contents in augmented reality usable even outside the museum context, we allow the visitor to “take a piece of art home”. […] We are proud to have collaborated with Vodafone Italia in the realization of this innovative project for the educational sector and to have shared the potential offered by the computational services and hVerse of Hevolus Innovation, the first low-code platform in the world to create enterprise metaversi “.

Experience in metaverso is presented by an on-site guide with Microsoft HoloLens 2in immersive mode, and displayed in webXR by visitors on portable devices provided at the entrance. At the end of the exhibition due QR-code they will allow to expand the emotional impact of the visit experience.

The first QR-code is a reminder of the visit: framing it with a smartphone it will be possible to view the digital twin of the unpublished holographic installation of the artist and can be positioned virtually in any space you want. The second QR-code instead will allow the visitor to pFollow the experience in the metaverse at home and share it with friends and family.