Avatar Review – Aang Figure

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In this article, we will take a close look at the figure of Aang, the unforgettable protagonist of the animated series “Avatar – The legend of Aang”, created by AbyStyle Studio

Here we are back with a brand new review of an AbyStyle Studio figurine. This time we will immerse ourselves in a magical and adventurous universe, that of “Avatar – The Legend of Aang”. This amazing animated series, created by Michael Dante DiMartino e Bryan Konietzko, left an indelible mark on the hearts of millions of viewers of all ages. With its epic storyline and character depth, the series has won the love of a huge audience.

At the center of this saga is Aang, the young master of the air destined to restore balance to a world ravaged by war. His wisdom, his humanity and his inner strength have made him an unforgettable icon of today’s popular culture. Now, thanks to the talent and craftsmanship of AbyStyle Studio, Aang comes to life in a figure that perfectly captures his personality and style, joined by the adorable Momo!

Through this review, we will be exploring the figure of Aang closely. From the facial expression to the folds of the clothes, we will (as always) put the figure under our magnifying glass, ready to highlight its pros and cons.

Avatar Review - Aang Figure

The packaging | Avatar Review, Aang Figure

Featuring a stone-like and black colourway, the packaging is a true nod to the magical and adventurous setting in which Aang finds himself. Each side of the box is adorned with the four elements, symbols of the world of Avatar, which surround the image of the figure. We also can’t help but notice the presence of the Nickelodeon logo.

As tradition dictates, the package is equipped with a huge front window that allows us to admire the figure of Aang with his partner Momo. The different sides of the box are embellished with artwork and images that capture the essence and adventure of this iconic character. Inside the packagein addition to the figure of Aang, we will find an exhibition base that also recalls the four elements.

Let’s analyze the figure | Avatar Review, Aang Figure

The Aang figure, made on a 1:10 scale like the studio’s previous creations, reaches aheight of 18.1 cm, thanks to Momo’s ears that stick up. There exhibition basegive her dimensions of 8×8 cm, helps to stabilize and highlight the figure. However, even without the base, the figurine stands proudly at a height of 17cm. The total weight of this figure is 80 g.

Made entirely of PVC, from the base to the figure itself, the statuette is totally rigid, excluding the tail of the little lemur which is slightly softer.

Under the magnifying glass | Avatar Review, Aang Figure

This figure of Aang from “Avatar – The Legend of Aang” won us over in many ways, however, we can’t help but notice a small flaw that stands out to our attention. But before delving into this point, we want to highlight the positive aspects that make this figure worthy of note.

First of all, Aang’s pose is really successful. While watching his companion Momo holds his belt, ready to start a new adventure. Another aspect we appreciate is the attention to detail in the sculpting of the figure. Both Aang’s costume and body are depicted precisely and accurately, with plenty of detail adding depth to the character. From the fold of the fabrics to the distinctive sign on the garment, everything has been done with great skill.

Overall, the painting is precise, giving the figure a visually appealing look. However, we have to admit that in the most minute details, we may notice a lack of shading and gradients which could have further enhanced the overall look of the statuette.

And now we come to the sticking point that we can’t ignore: the juncture behind Aang’s head. Unfortunately, this joint is too obvious and disrupts the harmony of the overall design. A greater attention to integrating this part into the figure would have been desirable, in order to make it less visible and more harmonious.

Let’s sum up

In conclusion, the figure of Aang from “Avatar – The Legend of Aang” accurately and vividly represents the character with his fellow adventurer, capturing his unique essence. However, there is a clear joint behind the head which disturbs the overall harmony of the design. Despite this flaw, the figure remains an interesting option for fans of the series. AbyStyle Studio could pay more attention to details to offer an even more complete and imperfection-free product.

As with all the figures of the brand, this one too can be purchased on the official website at a price of €32.99.

Plus points

  • Accurate portrayal of Aang’s character
  • Presence of his partner Momo
  • Well crafted sculptural details, with attention to detail
  • Overall accurate painting

Points against

  • Noticeable joint behind Aang’s head, disturbing the overall aesthetic
  • Lack of shading and nuances that could enhance the overall look of the figure
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