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Star Wars Review – Darth Vader Bust by ABYstyle Studio

In this review we will analyze the Darth Vader bust created by ABYstyle Studio for the SB6 collection (Super Bust 6)

We at have been reviewing figurines made by the guys at for quite a while now ABYstyle Studio. This, however, is an absolute novelty. The protagonist of this in-depth study is in fact a bust, the first that the brand has created. If, in fact, all the figures analyzed previously were part of the SFC (Super Figure Collection), this one belongs to the brand new one SB6 (Super Bust 6).

For its debut, ABYstyle Studio aimed high, creating a bust of one of the most iconic and beloved characters of science fiction: Darth Vader. Let’s find out together if this homage to the Lord of the Sith, coming from the Star Wars galaxy far, far away, is a product that lives up to expectations.

Unboxing | Star Wars Review – Darth Vader Bust

The box, characterized by geometric patterns that recall a Star Wars spaceship, sports an elegant combination of black, red and white colors. The glossy serigraphs, which depict Darth Vader’s helmet in a sketchy manner on the sides and the statuette on the back, further embellish the aesthetic. From the front, the classic window allows us to take a first look at the figure wrapped in plastic protection.

Unlike the “SFC” line, the bust It does not require any base of support, as it stands independently thanks to its solid structure.

The bust | Star Wars Review – Darth Vader Bust

Also in this bust, i materials used are mainly PVC of different textures. The height of the figure, from the base to the helmet, is well 15 cmwhile the weight of 361 g testifies to its solidity.

The pose follows one of the most iconic images of Darth Vader: the Lord of the Sith is portrayed with his gaze turned forward and his left hand stretched forward, to underline his might. The base of the torso, which resembles a spaceship fragment, features the Empire logo in bright red. Above, the fantastic bust stands out. Darth Vader’s armor in this bust is faithfully reproduced from that of “Return of the Jedi“, as highlighted by the electronic details on the abdomen and the black chain around the neck.

The attention to detail it’s truly amazing. The possibility of creating a bust of more generous dimensions than the classic figures allowed the artists of ABYstyle Studio to focus more on these aspects. The texture of the cape and cloth are incredibly realistic, as are the shiny details of the shoulder pads and helmet. Even under the latter, Vader’s collar has been reproduced with meticulous attention.

Il painting of the bust is excellent in almost every way. It has only a couple of slight, almost imperceptible imperfections. The pearlescent paint on Darth Vader’s chest is reproduced with great fidelity, as are the colors that recall the armor from the film.

Let’s sum it up

The Darth Vader bust from ABYstyle Studio is an excellent product that will remain in the memory of all fans of the Dark Father. The attention to detail, the fidelity to the cinematic counterpart and the solidity of the structure make it an unmissable collector’s item.

From the elegant packaging to the incredible painting, this bust is a true homage to one of pop culture’s most iconic characters. A must-have for all Star Wars fans.

Its price stands at €39.99 and you can purchase it on the official ABYstyle page!

Points in favor

  • Attention to detail
  • Solidity
  • Fidelity
  • Pose

Points against

  • Some painting errors
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