AVM, the Fritz! OS 7.50 update brings over 150 new features

AVM annuncia Fritz!OS 7.50: oltre 150 novità thumbnail

AVM release the new update of your operating system: Fritz!OS 7.50. L’update porta up to 150 new features to improve the various Fritz! products: faster VPN settings, smart home news, faster Mesh WiFi networks and much more. Updating is free and easy to do.

AVM releases the update Fritz!OS 7.50

The first big news for the update concerns the performance of Fritz! products, in particular those related to reti Mesh Wi-Fi. If you use a FRITZ!Repeater or a FRITZ!Box as Mesh Repeater you get more stability and speed, on both sides frequencies (2.4 and 5 GHz).

The protocol also arrives VPN WireGuard, which makes it easy to access your home network even while traveling. Indeed, you can initiate encrypted connections via WireGuard Assistant or using the WireGuard app – there are also QR codes to make it easier.

Also improve Fritz!Fon, which with the Voice option can tell you who is calling you and remind you of the appointments in your diary. And the Smart Home functions improve with the new scenario function, which allows you to activate different actions based on times or other inputs. For example you can access LEDs or smart plugs when you get home from work.

Also comes a better distribution of the connection at home, so you can better balance the needs of those who work, watch a series in streaming and those who play. Then there are improvements to the security and optimizations of different kind.

It also changes the fritz.box interface, the interface to manage your network (from which you can also download the newly arrived update). If you are looking for more information, you can find it here.