Avvera will bring financial education to Twitch with a special event

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Next Monday February 21, a starting from 17:30, Come truea Credem group company specializing in mortgages and consumer credit for individuals, will bring financial education to Twitch. In collaboration with the video game Animal Crossing: New Horizonswill be a guest on GabrielleCroix’s Twitch channel Claudio MarchisioBrand Ambassador of Avvera who will do the honors on the virtual island of Avvera within the popular video game, simultaneously answering the questions of the spectators.

Avvera will bring financial education to Twitch with an event starring Claudio Marchisio and the video game Animal Crossing: New Horizons

The event will last one hour. Claudio Marchisio, in the role of Brand Ambassador of Avvera, will show the various areas that make up theAvvera Island. The company has reconstructed the versatility of its services within the video game by going to identify 4 relevant areas. The first is a residential Zen area for the Mortgage network. The second is a magical area that allows you to do anything quickly using digital tools. Then there is a superhero area for the sale of the fifth. To complete the areas of the Island of Avvera we find a hoppy and sports area to obtain immediate satisfaction with personal and finalized loans.

Appointment on February 21st

The appointment with the expected event is therefore set for the next one February 21from 17:30, on GabrielleCroix Twitch channel. Below is the video that anticipates the event: