Il ruolo di AWS nelle innovazioni logistiche dell'Amazon Operations Innovation Lab di Vercelli thumbnail

AWS has no robots at Amazon's Operations Innovation Lab in Vercelli

In occasione del Delivering the Future Day, Amazon opened the doors toOperations Innovation Lab Italian of Vercellithe technology center where innovations are developed and then implemented in the company's logistics sites internationally — which often use the technologies AWS.

AWS' Role in Amazon Operations Innovation Lab's Logistics Innovations

The solutions of Amazon Web Services (AWS) they are the beating heart of the technologies that have optimized Amazon's operations. Including all the new features that we were able to see in person at Amazon's Operations Innovation Lab in Vercelli.

Among the solutions implemented in warehouses there are Amazon Monitron, Amazon SageMaker and a practical application of remote control and monitoring technologies exemplified by Automated Tote Retriever (ATR).

Amazon Operations Innovation Lab in Vercelli we saw the future of logisticsAmazon Operations Innovation Lab in Vercelli we saw the future of logistics

Amazon Monitron it is the end-to-end hardware and software system that allows you to promptly predict equipment failures. This allows logistics centers to operate continuously to deliver on delivery promises. This system improves the efficiency of operations, reduces downtime and simplifies the work of technicians.

Instead, Amazon SageMaker enables data scientists and developers to create and deploy machine learning and artificial intelligence models, plays a crucial role in product management. Using SageMaker, an automated storage system identifies the better positioning for articles.

The Automated Tote Retriever (ATR) is a mechatronic system that automates the retrieval and transport of containers in logistics centers. It runs on the cloud and can be monitored remotely from anywhere, allowing intervention if necessary.

If the robots have impressed us, knowing that they work via cloud computing on AWS makes us understand how the company integrates all its technologies. And those cloud ones, many other companies can use them too.

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