Ayrton Senna protagonist of the expansion of Horizon Chase Turbo

Ayrton Senna protagonista dell'espansione di Horizon Chase Turbo thumbnail

Incredible news for fans of Ayton Senna, which will soon become the protagonist of the expansion of Horizon Chase Turbo. In particular, we are talking about “Senna forever”, coming up PC, PS4, Xbox One e Nintendo Switch. The biggest expansion ever received by the game, which will welcome a new set of cars, tracks and functions inspired by the famous Formula 1 driver. In short, a real tribute, so much so that the proceeds from sales will be donated to the educational programs of Instituto Ayrton Seine.

Ayton Senna to star in the “Senna Forever” expansion

As we anticipated, the expansion “Chase Turbo: Senna Forever” will be the biggest ever for the famous racing game. But what will it really include? From what we know, the Career and Challenge modes, the internal achievement system, new skins and the multiplayer game. In addition, the expansion also brings with it a series of interesting narrative screens that will give the player a series of characteristic titles that in the past belonged to the great pilot. Like the one of “Rain Master“, Which denoted Ayton Senna’s ability to drive in the rain.

And to make sure you don’t miss anything, there will also be first person view, which will allow you to drive while looking at the track directly from the steering wheel. Finally, the cars will also be inspired by those once driven by the well-known Formula 1 driver. You can then choose between 6 new vehicles in Career mode, and well 34 cars from 18 different teams in Challenge mode. Indeed, to make you even happier, the expansion adds to the cars too a new mechanic which will allow you to choose between upgraded tires, advanced aerodynamics and special fuel. And, as we have already anticipated, it will be possible to play both local and online multiplayer games.

When? Starting with the next one October 20. In less than a week, therefore, you will be able to play remember one of the most famous and appreciated drivers of all time. You are ready?