Babylon’s Fall: the live service formula is the result of a specific request


The announcement trailer for Babylon’s Fallwhen we first saw it, heralded the arrival of a classic single player action game by Platinum Games, however, the project has evolved over time to become an online multiplayer title based on the live service model: according to what was declared by the software house, this change of course is due to a specific request for Square Enix.

Babylon’s Fall is a live service at the behest of Square Enix

After strongly narrative games such as NieR Automata o Astral Chain, many fans of the Japanese developer were stunned to learn that Babylon’s Fall would focus so much on the online co-op. The manufacturer Junichi Ehara has specified in a recent interview that the idea of ​​creating this action fantasy as an exclusively online game comes directly from the requests of Square-Enix.

“Square-Enix asked Platinum Games to develop the game. The themes we had to work on were high fantasy, hack and slash, cooperative play and live service, ”Ehara said bluntly. It is very likely that this was the case a change in progress however, as the game’s first trailer was radically different from what we saw a few months ago.

The nature of the game, decidedly anomalous if we examine the Platinum curriculum, could divide the opinion of the players when Babylon’s Fall releases on PC and consoles, at least in the opinion of Kenji Sato, also from Platinum Games: “This will be the first live service game made by Platinum Games. There will be a lot of divergent opinions on that, but I think we’ve created something fun to play, so I invite everyone to try it. “

To ensure the playfulness of the game, however, we will not have to wait long, since its release date is currently set for next March 3.