Back 4 Blood: how to play with friends

Back 4 Blood makes killing zombies in co-op. So let’s find out together how to play with your friends in Back 4 Blood

Back 4 Blood is the spiritual heir of Left 4 Dead. The game recovers the adrenaline and zombie atmosphere in a new and renewed graphics. Despite the presence of a full-bodied single player, the title expresses its best in cooperative mode, allowing you to play with your favorite role and equipment. So get ready to to free the world from the race of infested together with yours companions. To discover how to play with yours friends a Back 4 Blood, continue reading this article.

Against terrifying creatures

Heir to a historical tradition filmic to topic zombie, where a group of people (usually Americans) do organizes to survive or defeat other humans transformed into monsters, Back 4 Blood follows the trend adapting perfectly these stories al medium videoludico. The title makes you find yourself in the center of one war against a group of zombie called Infested: or humans transformed by a lethal parasite in determined terrifying creatures a eat of all that remains ofhumanity. With the entire human race now extinct, it’s up to you and yours friends declare war on the Infested e win back once and for all the check of the world. So let’s see how to do it to play with your friends a Back 4 Blood.

Back 4 Blood: how to play with friends

Coordination is the key – Back 4 Blood: how to play with friends

Back 4 Blood, as mentioned, is a title that offers its strengths in cooperative. The communication with your group members (better with friends than already you know) And basic. In fact, without communicating you will not be able choose your favorite character in time or coordinate the position of the team during phases of game. In fact, there’s nothing worse than getting into one public lobby and see your favorite character (and therefore your role) already taken. Therefore, if you have friends who own the game, the problem will be immediate Resolved. Not a small thing is the presence of the crossplay, which will allow you to get into the action and face zombie with friends playing on different platforms from yours.

Back 4 Blood: how to play with friends

Unlimited platform – Back 4 Blood: how to play with friends

To play with the your friends in Back 4 Blood, what you need to do is simply to press the button for options (or start) to recall the classic system menu. Here, you will notice several options among which: resume the game, menu social media, character selection, options general and more. Choose the item at this point social. You will be taken to a new screen where you will notice the ready of all your friends on the game, as well as the friends list depending on the platform (Steam, Xbox, Epic, PlayStation), il party, friends recent and those blocked. If your friend plays from the itself yours platform will be displayed in the appropriate section. If, on the other hand, it is on another platform, you will have to act on another platform way.

Back 4 Blood: how to play with friends

A simple procedure – Back 4 Blood: how to play with friends

As anticipated, if your friend is playing a other platform, you will have to add it by choosing the relative option in top right of the menu. When the appropriate window appears, add its name. Recall that i names of the players are the same as the in-game names and refer to theirs identity on the platform current. That is to say gamer tag your Xbox, ID PSN on PS4 and PS5, the name Steam O Epic Games. Finally, you will have to enter the player number indicated with the symbol (#) followed by a succession of 4 digits.

If you have done it all correctly, the icon of the platform your friend plays on should appear with a pop up. At this point confirmed the name and automatically theInvitation for the other player will be sent. Your friend will receive a notification directly in game (obviously if he is already playing), if he is offline, just go and check in the appropriate section friends requests. Once you have added the other person, you can start playing together. We still remember that friends who are on different platforms and consoles will appear its one separate list depending on the platform used.

Back 4 Blood: how to play with friends

Thirst for blood

One last suggestion that we can give you concerns the choice to opt, in the menu privacy options, per “only friends“, or “invite only“if you wish to play only with yours close friends. These options can also be accessed from the same menu social. The chosen option will be visible in low in the screen. Here we are at the end of our guide on how to play with your friends in Back 4 Blood. As you have seen, it is about going to sift through in the various menus, nothing complicated. Back 4 Blood is available now for all old gen, next gen and PC consoles. If you are fan of the title and want to discover all its secrets, read our guide.

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