Back 4 Blood unveils the trailer for the Tunnel of Terror DLC

Un nuovo trailer ci mostra le prime immagini del DLC Tunnel del Terrore di Back 4 Blood thumbnail

Officially available from April 12, Back 4 Blood’s Tunnel of Terror introduces us to new Exterminators in the battle against the underground Hives of the haunted.

Here is the trailer for Tunnel of Terror, the new DLC for Back 4 Blood

Zombie. Zombies everywhere. Escaping isn’t an option, so get your guns up and let’s coordinate the team for the new Back 4 Blood: Tunnel of Terror DLC. And the name says it all, because a claustrophobic component is now added to the undead: the dungeons of the Hives of the Infested. The new expansion, presented by Warner Bros. Games and Turtle Rock Studios, is presented today with a new launch trailer, awaiting the release scheduled for less than a week, the April 12, 2022.

The video then introduces us to two new exterminators: Sharicea female ax-wielding firefighter and famous for her defensive prowess e Heng, a restaurateur with whom it is better not to joke: no jokes about food then, since he is armed with a knife and can hardly tolerate the Infested. The trailer also allows us to peek at the new PvE experience, in teams of up to 4 players to explore seven areas invaded by the Haunted. Cavernous and labyrinthine areas, so prepare for the enemy at every corner of Evansburgh’s dungeons. To get rewards, you will have to cut the new ones into small pieces Deformed infestationsincluding the My spinachthe monstrous Shredders and the dangerous ones Rippers. All names that do not bode well. These deformed Haunted mutations will also be playable in Swarm PvP mode, as will the new Exterminators.

Other contents of the DLC are:

  • 7 new legendary weapons
  • 8 exclusive character costumes
  • 12 new weapon skins
  • new cards

Parallel to the expansion will also come the difficulty No hope. Again every word is superfluous. Finally, remember that all the contents of Tunnel of Terror will be available for all players of a team, provided that at least one member has purchased it. And now let’s go party to the haunted.

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