Rientro a scuola più tech grazie a tavolette e display interattivi Wacom thumbnail

Back to school with more tech thanks to Wacom tablets and interactive displays

For some time now Wacom for education has stepped up efforts to offer best solutions (tablets and displays) e services possible for facilitate the use of technology by students and teachers in classrooms at various levels. September will represent a return to the school routine for the youngest; for adults, however, it will be time to resume activities after the summer break.

To tackle this new school year, Wacom recommends several ideal solutions to facilitate the daily activities of its users of any age.

Back to school with more tech thanks to tablets and interactive displays: Wacom One for teachers

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Interactive pen displays, such as Wacom One, are very useful solutions for the world of education. Wacom One is perfect for teachers who need to correct exams “with the pen” but without the need to have printed documents.

Wacom One features one 13-inch screen and is the perfect ally for take notes o make presentations more interesting. Thanks to it it is possible to draw, underline or annotate the documents you have on your PC.

It is also ideal for sign digital documents without having to print and scan them later, a particularly useful aspect now that many companies are opting for hybrid working modes. The device is available to the public at the price of 399,99 €.

One by Wacom – to study and learn better

The One tablet by Wacom is the first Wacom device fully compatible with i Chromebook and with “Works With Chromebook” certification. The device is equipped with penna that it does not require batteries and is able to connect to the computer no driver neededallowing you to work in groupboth in class that a distanceinteractively.

The tablet is available to the public in two versions: the small at the price of 39,91 €; the medium at the price of 59,90 €.

Wacom Cintiq Pro 16 – the device for photographers, illustrators and digital artists

The interactive display Wacom Cintiq Pro 16 is the ideal solution for digital artists e professionals dell’illustrationof design or of the photography.

Wacom Cintiq Pro 16 Offre optimized performance with 4K resolution and vivid colors for a more accurate and realistic artistic experience than ever. The display con penna offers a’improved ergonomics for long hours of creative work. Plus the keys ExpressKey they are positioned on the back, where users normally place their hands while working, and allow a feedback aptico for easy and intuitive use and an efficient work rate.

Featuring a elegant design e compact, the new Wacom Cintiq Pro 16 device is also a great addition to any creative workspace. The device is available to the public for the price of 1.499,98 €.

For more information on devices e le Wacom tablets you can consult the official site.

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