Baldur’s Gate 3: how to set the Italian language

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Speak as you eat, Baldur’s Gate 3: setting the Italian language is the first thing to do, and we will explain in a few lines how to do it!

The world is big, and if on the one hand we have Hideo Kojima who speaks English as if he could consider it his second languageit is true that set the Italian one is at the top of your priorities Baldur’s Gate 3… if you are the “ai dont spik inglisc” type, that is. That’s the problem: while console games these days are quick to switch languages ​​instantly without going through the selection screens your editors still remember by heart, the game’s current platform (the PC) does not always conform to these conventions. Naturally, English comes in handy when it comes to looking for references in terminology (as happens for us on the site when we write guides!), but when it’s just a matter of playing… it can be complicated.

Choosing Languages ​​on Steam | Baldur’s Gate 3: how to set the Italian language

The Italian language that you want to set on Baldur’s Gate 3 (and how can you be wrong?) is managed by client. Call it too launcher, if you prefer, but in the end it is the distribution service from which you bought the game that determines how to set the various languages. If, therefore, you are playing on Steamfollow the steps listed below:

  • Right click on the game icon in your Steam library.
  • Choose the “Properties” option.
  • Click on the “General” item.
  • Select the desired language.
  • Once this is done, a short process will start update. Once finished, you can play this adventure in Dante’s language. If for any reason you want to retrace your steps, you will have to carry out the same procedure.

    Baldur's Gate 3: how to set the Italian language

    Choose languages ​​on GOG | Baldur’s Gate 3: how to set the Italian language

    By now the distributor of CD Projekt RED has lost the meaning of its name a bit, but in any case also for Good Old Games, for friends GOG, a similar process awaits you. Nothing to worry about, of course. Follow these steps and everything should go smoothly.

  • Select the game on GoG Galaxy.
  • Click on “settings”.
  • Select “Manage installations”.
  • Go to the item “Configure”.
  • Click “Language”.
  • Again, a process will follow update. Wait and get ready to slice your enemies!

    Baldur's Gate 3: how to set the Italian language

    What to know | Baldur’s Gate 3: how to set the Italian language

    In case you have stumbled upon this guide without having any interest in the game itself, we will try not to take up too much of your time. Baldur’s Gate III (as the correct spelling of the title would dictate) is an RPG based on the narrative universe of the board game Dungeons & Dragons. Larian Studios is the designated development team, making their name with the Divinity: Original Sin duology. PC is the only platform left; and we use the term “remained” because the other, Google Stadia, as you well know, closed its doors before day one. However, the game made its appearance there too, in early access.

    Orcs, zombies and aliens, oh dear!

    For a little more background, Baldur’s Gate 3 is set in 1492 DR, a hundred years after its predecessors, during the invasion of illithid (as they would be called without setting the Italian language, just in case). As a parasite-infected survivor, you’ll need to get rid of the parasites before you succumb to the mutation. To do this, you will have to join other survivors to find a cure. In view of day one, Dungeons & Dragons has released a special expansion, entitled Baldur’s Gate: Descent into Avernus, which acts as a prologue to the game. Which, by the way, it is available (waiting for version PS5expected on September 6th).

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