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Batora Lost Haven PlayStation 5 review

Released last October, the title of Stormind Games in question has really generated interest over time, both during its development period and at the time of its launch. Let’s talk about Batora Lost Haven, which from 20 October 2022 to today has continued to record good success from the public. We too had tested it in the first place, when it was still a demo version, interested and impressed by the will of Stormind Games to get back into the game after the success of the survival horror Remothered: Tormented Fathers. So let’s see in this version for PS5 how the definitive release of Batora Lost Haven performed, between planets to be discovered and a heroine who rather convinced us.

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Batora Lost Haven, an RPG out of this world

Batora Lost Haven puts us in the shoes of Avrila girl living on Earth but who he gained the powers of Sun and Moon. The latter turn out to be almost supernatural entities who play the role of guardians of our planet, but without too much success. In fact, the Earth was destroyed due to a catastrophe and now Avril, become Guardian of Balancemust cleanse the core of this planet and restore order to the entire universe.

His journey begins in one London devastated by the cataclysm and on fire, with her friend Mila. But soon she finds herself alone and catapulted into this new world, which we will explore according to a well or badly predetermined path and our individual choices will be reserved only for the role to make her take, between negotiator or conqueror. Choices anyway significant to the gamecapable of influencing several future events and the possible power-ups of Avril herself.

From what we’re telling, it’s not surprising if we told you that the decisions we make will never be considered truly wrong, and consequently they won’t even affect the endings. Limiting aspects of the player’s personality? There will be other more intriguing ones to discover…

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Four alien worlds visited in no time

On this journey we explore four different worlds, where we meet alien races often fighting each other, without particular expressive and unexpected flashes in terms of plot. It is also true that the game features a very short life spanand if on the one hand it makes it an agile pastime, on the other it seemed to us that this reduction in game times was not in favor of further investigation even minimal in history. Especially in the face of the presence of so many worlds to explore, in such a short time.

We think not only of the different planets, but also of the resulting alien races, cultures and social structures condensed into a handful of hours. We didn’t really manage to absorb the peculiarities as we would have liked of each of them, remaining a more superficial experience than necessary, and of the “wanted”. In any case, the sustained pace is also dictated by one series of clashesduring which we can experiment with the different attacks that we are going to unlock gradually.

We also recall that Avril she has two different powers which will radically change the way of approaching battles. One comes from the Sun, and consists of a large broadsword for melee attacks, the other is given to her by the Moon, and it is the power to emit psychic energy to hurt opponents.

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E the enemies to face? Each shows its own resistance or weakness to one of the two types of attack, so we will have to modify our form accordingly. However, several times it will be unclear how to behave, since each one will have its own characteristics, making attacks quite confusing and imprecise, regardless of who we are facing. So we can really do what we want, the important thing is to emerge victorious.

Batora Lost Haven review in a nutshell

Batora Lost Haven is a well made indie RPG, although there are several inaccuracies that I can not make it really thick and well built. The pacing is quite unsuitable for narrative content, rich and worthy of further study which is clearly missing here, just as the clashes should have been more balanced. About a total of five hours of gameplay doesn’t do it justice to what could have been a much richer and more in-depth story, but the game tries to compensate with a appreciable graphics sector and with one smoothness of the game engine of the Sony home console completely positive. Storming Games still has several steps to take to leave behind the success of their previous horror title, but it’s on the right track.

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