Battlefield 2042: EA thinks of a mutation in Free to Play

Following the disappointing performance of Battlefield 2042, Electronic Arts would be thinking of making it a Free to Play game

2022 was a very unfortunate year for the most popular shooter series in the gaming industry, with very unsatisfactory results achieved by Battlefield 2042 and Call of Duty Vanguard, both for Electronic Arts and for Activision. Especially when it comes to Battlefield 2042, users expected something great, also due to the numerous promises and anticipations that the development studio made in the months prior to the game’s release. thus feeding mammoth expectations. Two months after its release, the game comes with numerous issues and content cut, an extremely dissatisfied community of players and fewer players than Battlefield V. Although DICE has tried to improve the title with new patches and additional content, the measures implemented are still too few and carried out too late. To address this problem, EA would now be thinking of turning Battlefield 2042 into a Free To Play.

The transformation into Free to Play of Battlefield 2042

As we said, in the past few weeks DICE has been trying to bring more interest to Battlefield 2042 by releasing some updates aimed at making the title more attractive, and also introducing in the game some modalities much appreciated by the players. However, these were almost always temporary additions or available in a limited way within certain modes, and this has certainly not led to an appreciation by gamers. Now, Electronic Arts would find itself evaluating drastic changes for Battlefield 2042, which also includes making it a Free to Play, at least according to rumors of Tom Henderson.

Henderson has in fact published on Twitter various news regarding the games in development in the EA studios, including information on Need for Speed, Dragon Age 4, Star Wars and Battlefield 2042. On the latter, Tom Henderson brings news quite interesting, in which he also explains the options Electronic Arts is considering. Among them, it would also emerge that of making Battlefield 2042 Free to Play. And while that might at first seem like an unlikely measure on the part of the publisher, it wouldn’t actually be such a short-sighted idea, by going to one of the more recent examples: Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds. It is one of the best known battle royale games, and it became free in the last few days: immediately after doing this, a considerable increase in the base player on Steam has been detected.

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