Battlefield 2042: rumor about the release of the battle royale

After the official announcement of the title, a well-known insider reveals with a tweet the probable release of the battle royale mode for Battlefield 2042

We were all impressed with the announcement of the new title in the Battlefield saga. Battlefield 2042 was presented with a short trailer which introduced the new setting and a more modern and at times futuristic setting. With the additional information disclosed on the DICE developer site, we now have a bigger picture of the game. However, a source of surprise was the announcement of the absence of the expected battle royale mode. Today, however, a well-known insider stated in a tweet that the release of the battle royale of Battlefield 2042 seems to be set for next year.

Battlefield 2042: battle royale coming out next year

As mentioned, DICE confirmed, in addition to the absence of a single campaign, also that the battle royale for Battlefied 2042 she wouldn’t go out. This in favor of the classic methods multiplayer dear to the series. If all this discourages you, however, know that DICE LA has revealed that it is working on an unspecified modality that will be a statement love for all fans of the Battlefield saga. This according to the tweet of Tom Henderson. Furthermore, according to the well-known insider, this mode could be a “Battlefield Hub“. That is, fans will be able to play classic maps, weapons, vehicles and much more related to old chapters.

Battlefield 2042: rumor about the release of the battle royale

The latter modality will be revealed on 22 of July, data dell’EA Play Live. Whatever happens, we’ll know more next month. It doesn’t stop there though. Because it seems that the battle royale is not completely out of the game. Henderson, in fact, stated that this modality would be foreseen for the next year. It is not strange, in retrospect, his arrival a year later. Especially considering the range of 64-128 players in the multiplayer between old gen and next gen. Recall that the game will be released on 22 October di quest’anno per Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, PS4, PS5 e PC.

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