Battlefield 2042: tips and tricks to get started

TuttooteK’s tried and tested combo of “tips and tricks” returns (literally) to the blast with the titanic action of battlefield 2042

Another important exit, another guide: After signing up for the Call of Duty Vanguard front, now it’s the turn of Battlefield 2042 dispense a crate of supplies full of tips and tricks for less experienced players. On the other hand, you will find yourself dealing with battlefields capable of hosting 128 players at a time (on PC, PS5 and Xbox Series X; “only” half on PS4 and Xbox One). You know what it means: you will need every possible and imaginable trick to bring the leather home. With our tips you can rise victorious in battle, become better teammates and adapt to the major changes of the new DICE shooter.

Experiment with the specialists and unlock their greatest strengths

The first of the tricks is figuring out how far DICE got rid of typical class restrictions with Battlefield 2042 – this may be the most valuable of our tips. The most striking change of this chapter consists in fact in theelimination of weapon skimming based on classes. The ten specialists of the game can use them all, in addition to a special and unique gadget for each of them and an equally special skill. In short, you will be more free to create a setup tailored to your style of play than you have ever been, and in the appropriate screen you can look among the characters you have unlocked to experiment.

Do not forget, in this regard, to do your tests already in the lobby. You can build a arsenal different according to your needs, which you can change at will during the game. The variety, in terms of weapons, is certainly not lacking, including guns, assault rifles and so on, so we recommend creativity and the best combinations. Experiment: the range of secondary gadgets is generous enough to indulge in this luxury. If you want to try it, you can associate multiple improvements to your favorite weapons, in order to benefit from the new Plus system.

Battlefield 2042: tips and tricks to get started

Prepare your equipment for the best of weapons and vehicles – Tips and tricks for Battlefield 2042

One of the best additions to Battlefield 2042 is the possibility of exchanging various tricks to apply to weapons while you are on the battlefield, and among our tips the aforementioned (and new) could not be missing. system More. This is a quick swap between the various settings of your firearm, be it the barrel, sight or ammo management. In this way, even with only one primary and one secondary weapon, you will be able to respond appropriately to the different threats that you will face. By holding down a button (T on PC, LB on Xbox and L1 on PS4 / PS5) you can access the different branches of the menu: easy to forget in the middle of the action, but very useful.

Similarly, we have one of the best features of the game, to the detriment of the few players who are taking advantage of it on day one. Usually you need to go back to headquarters to get behind the wheel (or to the yoke, with planes), but the more frenetic pace of this chapter required a mechanic to call upon the vehicles instantly. If you need to travel fast, or if your team needs more firepower, you can press B on PC, RB on Xbox or R1 on Sony home consoles. The means of transport in question will be promptly delivered to your vicinity.

Battlefield 2042: tips and tricks to get started

It rains bullets, for better or for worse – tips and tricks for Battlefield 2042

You know when the bullets of a sniper rifle, from the heyday of Hogs of War to the contemporary shootings of Fortnite … fall? Realism also entails this: after a certain distance, inertia ceases and the bullets, precisely, they fall. In other words, therefore, when aiming you will also have to take into account the distance between you and your enemies. Be especially careful when trying to hit enemies from far away: even with the sniper rifle, aiming a little higher than your head will do nothing but good (to you; to the enemy, bad). If you have new toys, use AI-powered players if you want guinea pigs ready to sacrifice themselves for the cause.

Always like in Fortnite, here too verticality plays a lot in favor of those who place themselves high. Positioning yourself in tactical points on the map can count as much as the speed with which you shoot. Look for ziplines to get around the map quickly, and bet everything on the right specialists. Take MacKay’s grappling hook and Rosier’s wingsuit, for example: both will allow you to move better around the map, making it difficult for opponents to aim. Always, as it is obvious that it is not the enemies who beat you on time (and in this case, curses also rain).

Battlefield 2042: tips and tricks to get started

Bet on the advantages of your role and “hazard” some team play – tips and tricks for Battlefield 2042

What sets this shooter apart from the rest of the genre is the fact that it’s not always just about running and shooting (“but it helps”). To gain experience it may also be enough adhere to your role. Think about how much you can assist your fellow soldiers in capturing a target. Do the others need ammunition? Equip some supplies and bring them to them. Do the vehicles need constant repairs? Bring a special kit with you and fix them on the fly. Do the opposing snipers give you no respite? With Daele’s drone you can find them on the fly. In addition, a doctor is always needed: the specialists Anghel and Falck are often the moral winners of the matches in which they participate.

While the Breakthrough and Conquest modes are the undisputed stars of the game, DICE has also introduced a new survival mode called Hazard Zone. This scaled-down experience is tougher and will test your tactical skills, sending quartets competing for data against each other. If you play solo, be prepared to suffer: it is the type of mode that is best played as a team, especially by communicating and forming the team well (including weapons). Only two teams will come out of the fight unscathed, so… well, follow our last two tips.

Battlefield 2042: tips and tricks to get started

For heaven’s sake, cooperate!

The advice that we can dispense for Battlefield 2042, after all, can be summarized as follows: among the many tricks to get the most out of the game, the cooperation between players is essential. The console text chat helps you keep in touch between different platforms, while keeping an eye on orders and information. Unfortunately, however, cross-play has not yet conformed to a single standard, and therefore you will want to make do with what is there. And in the absence of anything else, Discord (whether you love it or not) always remains a guarantee. What was the last piece of advice…?

Ah, yes: stay on track. Cooperating also means this: in other shooters it isn’t necessarily like that, but in this title aim at the mission objective it is the key to victory, whether it is conquering a sector, assisting the team or playing a predetermined role in the best possible way. Being opposed does not help much in this game: experience is matured, basically, by helping your teammates. Kills are not everything: leave aside the dreams of glory and think, rather, of contributing to the common good. Focus on the goal and everything will turn out great.

Now it’s up to you to tell us yours: did you need the guide? Let us know below, and as always don’t forget to stay on for all the most important news for gamers and more. For your purely gaming needs, you can instead find the best discounts in digital format on Instant Gaming.