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Be Quiet! Review Pure Base 500 FX: endless quality and space

In this review we will take a closer look at Be Quiet! Pure Base 500 FX, spacious and qualitatively very good case, let’s find out together

We are facing a company that in a few years has managed to grab a placed in Olympus of the hardware world. Be Quiet! in fact, ranging from houses, heatsinks and power supplies, year after year it produces incredible innovations. Today we will take a close look at the new case, just presented, or the Pure Base 500 FX.

Packaging and unboxing | Be Quiet! Review Pure 500 FX

Let’s start with the packaging, in cardboard and extremely robust for the purpose of protecting the case. Inside we find the case with the fans already mount (tre Light Wings PWM 120/1700 e una Light Wings PWM 140/1500) e un dedicated internal hub for the management of the same. Extremely beautiful to look at, the black color certainly gives it unparalleled elegance.

In the package we find the user manual, the cable ties for the cable management and all screws necessary for mounting other devices. Velcro straps are particularly popular for easy cable management even for less experienced users.

Physical characteristics

This new case from BeQuiet! it is capable of hosting motherboards M-ATX/Mini-ITX/ATX while maintaining a very contained look dimensionally speaking (450 x 232 x 463 mm).

Beauty and scary airflow | Be Quiet! Review Pure 500 FX

There is full ARGB lighting, which includes two strips LED on the front and inside the case. As well as the aesthetics too l’airflow it’s at very high levels. In fact, the front is totally meshato and the whole case is equipped with dust filters that ensure excellent performance. The case is very simple, really beautiful from every angle. Surely the contrasting element is the tempered glass side bulkhead which, in black color, accentuates every contrast. The branding is present, in the velcro and in some relief on the case, but it is never excessive and abundant.

The front, as we said, totally mesgated for an enviable airflow with the two stripes LED ARGB that emit quality (as well as a lot of light!). On the front we have a USB 3.0 and a USB 3.1 (type C). Again, there is the power button and the entrance jack cuffie e microphone. On the top (as well as on the bottom) there is a large air intake (protected by a generous dust filter) which allows the installation of two 140mm fans (or a 240mm radiator). The right side is totally closed and, on the back, we also find holes for the installation of an additional 140mm fan (in addition to the slots for the installation of theI/O shield motherboard).

The interior of wonders | Be Quiet! Review Pure 500 FX

We talked about the outside, of the incredible ariflow and the elegance of this case. The eye wants the part of him, but those who handle hardware know that that’s not all. The inside of this case is in some ways even better than the outside. The setting is that classical, con the power supply positioned in the bottom separated from the rest. Cleanliness and elegance reign supreme, and the large storage space is also proof of this. In fact, it is possible to install up to five SSD: two behind the removable plate, two more behind the motherboard and another at the bottom.

The space between the motherboard plate and the side panel it’s really a lot and this favors not just the cable management and component installation. Really mind blowing like BeQuiet! has not left anything out, applying the Velcro straps (branded) for cable management on the back. Not to mention the slab in soundproofing sponge on the closed wall that does not allow any noise whatsoever to pass.

Elements for cooling

Still in the interior of the case, just a few gems for your assembly of fans e system from cooling down. The total of installable fans is six. Up to 3 x 120mm on the front, two on the top and one on the rear. In the front, clearly, it is possible to install (as an alternative to the fans) a radiator as far as 360 mm. At the top, however, you can install one from 120 o 240 mm and one in the rear from 120 or 140mm.

Be Quiet! Review  Pure Base 500 FX: endless quality and space

The quality of the four supplied fans is really high. More alta and the quality, the smaller the noise a regime of the fans that are able to intoxicating the eyes with their play of light while maintaining high efficiency and silence. Finally, it is also possible to install a heatsink a torre (often those with air) up to 190 mm tall and one Video Card (also triple fan) with maximum length from 369 mm.

Component Installation | Be Quiet! Review Pure 500 FX

The installation of the components was pretty easy. Inside we have mounted a motherboard of BIOSTAR, the B660GTA, with an Intel Core i5 12600 processor, and a BeQuiet!. The assembly is really comfortable, the spaces I am wide not bulkheads ben spaced apart.

Cable management is strongly incentivized and guided thanks to the bands pre-installed. Also noteworthy is the presence of a hub (and 6 places) to which the 4 pre-installed ARGB fans in the case. Each fan, of course, will have the power cable and the control cable of the ARGB. In addition to all the cables for the keys of the case (power, reset, led etc.).

Conclusions and price | Be Quiet! Review Pure 500 FX

Definitely an elegant case, mindful of its own predecessors from which it draws every benefit. An extra hub that allows a much more orderly and performing fan cable management. Easy, guided cable management and a truly important style. Dimensions anyway compact but one interior space truly well studied and designed. Airflow which, I dare to say, is one of the most congenial seen so far. Although not upsetting they managed to innovate and template truly well built.

What do you think of this case? Let us know with a comment below and keep reading allotek to stay up to date on the latest news and more.

Points in favor

  • Really nice design
  • ARGB fans with dedicated Hub
  • Simplified cable management
  • Top finishes

Points against

  • Another USB 3.0 on the front would have been handy
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