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Be Quiet! Review Pure Rock 2 FX: colors, style and freshness

In this review we will talk about Be Quiet! Pure Rock 2 FX, air cooler with excellent performance and unmistakable style

In the world of air coolers today we are talking about a new entry. Let’s talk first of Be Quiet! who gave us the honor and the burden of previewing hers new heatsink ad aria. In fact today we will see closely the Be Quiet! Pure Rock 2 FXair cooler from important dimensions, with a very accentuated style and from excellent performance. Let’s not get lost in further talk and let’s see how he behaved.

Unboxing and first impressions | Be Quiet! Review Pure Rock 2 FX

The box in which it arrives is already very complete, totally black and with attention to the smallest details. Inside the package we find the heatsink in all its beauty, with, in support, the ARGB fan of excellent workmanship (obviously registered Be Quiet!) as well as four metal stands to attach the fan to the heatsink. Finally, everything needed for installation on the compatible sockets (which we will see very soon) and the instruction manual very clear.

Technical characteristics and compatibility

Let’s move on to the information that in this case are the most interesting. First let’s focus on compatible sockets with this heatsink:

  • Intel: 1700/1200/2066/1150/1151/1155/2011(-3) Square ILM
  • AMD: AM5/AM4

The cooling unit weighs approx 685 grams, and the physical dimensions are of 87 x 121 x 155 mm. The heatsink is registered 150W, that is, this is its maximum TDP able to manage. As for the fan, however, it is one 120 x 120 x 25 mm able to reach the 2000 rpm guaranteed for 60 thousand hours of use and composed, of course, by the cable 5V ARGB and from the classic cable “CPU Fan”.

Assembly | Be Quiet! Review Pure Rock 2 FX

Il assembly was quite simple, also thanks to masterful explanation (albeit in English) present in the instruction booklet. The first step is to remove only the pieces suitable for your socket from the package, placing the others in the box. At this point it will be enough to start from backplate on the back of the motherboard. Once the backplate is fixed, you will return to the processor side to screw the spacers. The metal bars will then be fixed to the latter on which the dissipation unit will then be fixed.

I have always been used to working with heatsinks with four screws, which allowed an easier assembly in my opinion. However, this method has nothing to envy. The accommodation of heatsink is well fixed and, once the screws are tightened, it stays firmly on the motherboard. Later the fan can be installed even in a second moment through gods metal hooks a bit uncomfortable (some screws would have been better in my opinion).

Field Test & Performance | Be Quiet! Review Pure Rock 2 FX

Before going into the tests carried out, just a few clarifications whatsoever. The Be Quiet! Pure Rock 2 FX comes out of the box with one thermal paste already pre-applied. The tests you will see below, however, were carried out after the removal of the pre-applied paste and the implementation of a much more performing paste (Artic MX-2) prey your Amazon a a few euros. Tests with the original thermal paste are approx 4/5 degrees higher than those made after replacement.

The results visible in the tests below represent the peak value achieved within the test. The average value, instead, it attests one or two degrees below. The tests were all carried out at the air-conditioned temperature from 28° and all repeated at least 5 times to avoid errors of any kind.

Test bench

  • Case: Be Quiet! Pure Base 500 FX
  • Motherboard: Biostar B660 GTA
  • CPU: Intel Core i5 12600
  • RAM: Crucial Ballistix 3200 MHz 16GB (8×2)
  • SSD: Samsung 980 PRO 1 TB


The idle test was conducted after the full loading of the operating system for a total of fifteen minutes in which the PC has not been used at all.

Be Quiet! Review  Pure Rock 2 FX: colors, style and freshness

Cinebench R20

One of the most synthetic benchmarks intuitive e widespread in the PC landscape. After several measurements this is the result that was obtained.

Be Quiet! Review  Pure Rock 2 FX: colors, style and freshness


Simulation of full CPU load through the stability test of Prime95 (CPU stress, FPU stress and stress cache enabled and Maximum Heat), below are the results obtained.

Be Quiet! Review  Pure Rock 2 FX: colors, style and freshness


I also tested the heatsink in gaming sector, having performed so well in previous tests. The chosen game could only be Call of Duty: Warzone, a saga that no longer detaches us from the monitor. Below is the result obtained.

Be Quiet! Review  Pure Rock 2 FX: colors, style and freshness

Concusions and price | Be Quiet! Review Pure Rock 2 FX

We are certainly facing a heatsink that masterfully combines quality, visual impact e performance. The addition of the ARGB fan surely enriches il design and makes it truly suitable for every use case. The design is very well done, the quality of the materials is not even discussed. There ease of installation it is definitely a point in favor for a product that keeps a processor at bay very well that certainly does not beg.

Some flaws were found even if largely marginal. There quality of the thermal paste pre-installed does not help, on the contrary it puts the quality of the heatsink a bit difficult. Another flaw that I would improve in the next models is that of the viti instead of metal latches a little awkward to install.

The price is certainly not among the cheapest but the build quality e efficiency of this Be Quiet! Pure Rock 2 FX we are sure they will not leave you unhappy. What do you think about it? Let us know with a comment below and keep reading allotek to stay updated on the latest news and more.

Points in favor

  • Design and materials
  • Temperatures under control
  • ARGB fan
  • Ease of assembly

Points against

  • Pre-applied thermal paste quality
  • A little uncomfortable metal fan stop
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