Be quiet review! Pure Wings 3 – the company’s cheapest fans

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In this article we will review the be quiet fans! Pure Wings 3 in white color, characterized by a truly affordable price

be quiet! it is a brand that we at are now fond of. The German company has now become one of the pillars of the PC hardware world. With meticulous attention to its products, resulting in excellent build quality and an elegant, functional design, be quiet! offers efficient and silent cooling solutions for every need and budget.

And it is “low budget” that we will talk about in this review. In fact, the fans were announced very recently Pure Wings 3 in white color they represent the cheapest cooling solution in their catalogue. Available in 120mm and 140mm versions, we had the opportunity to test the latter. Without getting lost in chatter, let’s see the pros and cons of the fans in our full review.

Technical specifications | Be quiet review! Pure Wings 3

  • Modello: Pure Wings 3 140mm PWM
  • Dimensions (mm): 140
  • Color Option: White or Black
  • Lighting: no
  • 100% PWM / 12V fan speed (rpm): 1200
  • Noise level at 100% PWM / 12V (dB(A)): 21.9
  • Portata d’aria al 100% PWM / 12V (CFM / m3/h): 57.4 / 97.5
  • Air pressure at 100% PWM / 12V (mm H2O): 0.96
  • Warranty: 3 years

Be quiet review!  Pure Wings 3 - the company's cheapest fans

Unboxing | Review be quiet! Pure Wings 3

be quiet! Pure Wings 3 are contained in a simple, unprotected box, with the fan design and logo printed on the front. On the back you will find the specifications and a brief introduction to the brand in English. In the box, in addition to the fan, you will only find four black screws for mounting on the case and nothing else.

Be quiet review!  Pure Wings 3 - the company's cheapest fans

Design | Review be quiet! Pure Wings 3

The most obvious change in the new models is the be quiet! logo, now in the elegant white color instead of the brand’s characteristic orange. The fan frame is now more discreet, with a refined appearance. The paleof type “wave” are distinctive of the be quiet! brand. The number of the latter has been reduced from 9 to 7, but were compensated by greater width.

Le be quiet! Pure Wings 3 appear overall more refined than previous models, while maintaining an accessible price. Even if they don’t reach the same build quality as the be quiet! Silent Wings 4, which are significantly more expensive.

Compared to the previous model, the chassis of Pure Wings 3 is stronger. The fan blades are well made and free of sharp edges. The cable is thin, white and discreet. The connector is a simple one 4-Pin PWM. Compared to Pure Wings 2 the presence of anti-vibration rubbers is missing on the corners, a feature common to the brand’s entry-level models. In their white color, however, we would have liked to have white screws themselves, in order to hide them better if mounted on a light case.

Be quiet review!  Pure Wings 3 - the company's cheapest fans

Performance | Be quiet review! Pure Wings 3

The fans be quiet! Pure Wings 3 140mm are an excellent solution for system cooling, thanks to their effectiveness and ability to operate silently. At half power (50% PWM), reach a speed of 680 RPMproviding 43K airflow and keeping the noise to just 30 dB(A), practically imperceptible and ideal for work environments that require tranquility. When pushed to maximum performance (100% PWM), the fans speed up to 1210 RPMmaintaining 39K airflow with a slight increase in noise a 35 dB(A)however managed in a contained way.

The fans be quiet! The 140mm Pure Wings 3 have a declared power consumption of approximately 2.64 watts at full power, while at half power the power consumption is reduced proportionally.

Compared to the Pure Wings 2 fans, the Pure Wings 3 represent a notable step up: they offer greater airflow at all speed settings and an overall lower noise level at half power, although slightly higher at maximum performance.

In terms of efficiency and performance, the Pure Wings 3 stand out for their superior cooling capacity and an optimal balance between performance and silence.

The Pure Wings 3 are available in different configurations:

  • Pure Wings 3 120mm PWM: 12,90€
  • Pure Wings 3 140mm PWM: 14,90€
  • Pure Wings 3 120mm High-Speed PWM: 15,90€
  • Pure Wings 3 140mm High-Speed PWM: 17,90€

Be quiet review!  Pure Wings 3 - the company's cheapest fans

Let’s sum it up

With a price of just €14.90 for the 140mm version, the Pure Wings 3 offer truly exceptional value for money. If you are looking for a reliable, silent and high-performance fan without spending a fortune, this is the definitive choice.

The low-budget ones that surprise

Points in favor

  • Excellent performance
  • Silence
  • Efficiency
  • Competitive price
  • Elegant design

Points against

  • Slightly noisy at maximum performance
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