Be Quiet! Review Silent Base 802: what more do you want?

Silent Base 802 Review. With Silent Base 802 Be Quiet! It offers an extremely convenient solution, let’s find out why this product has a skyrocketing price quality!

Skyrocketing price quality. So I could summarize this review. It is elegant, performing, it can be customized, and above all it has one truly obsessive attention to detail, we can say that Be Quiet! With this Silent Base 802 has really hit the mark.

Improved version of the younger brother Silent Base 801, the new 802 offers the consumer the ability to choose which shape to give to your home with a customization of the panels, the upper one and the front one are in fact interchangeable. Do you prefer aesthetics or performance? You will choose it, in any case the yield will certainly be fantastic. Icing on the cake, we also find 3 Pure Wings 2 140mm fans.

But here, Be Quiet! He didn’t just think about the aesthetic factor, if design is the first thing that catches the eye when we look at the Silent Base, it is by using it that we learn how much quality the German company has reserved for this model. Let’s not get lost in chatter anymore and get to the heart of the review.

Packaging and first impact | Be Quiet! Review Silent Base 802

To talk about the technical details, let’s start from the compatibility list, for this we will insert a summary slide.

The case weighs 13.15 kg, and offers you the possibility to mount radiators from the front maximum size of 420mm while in the upper part radiators are supported by 360mm maximum. Of course you can install ATX and E-ATX motherboards. With the ability to mount 5 fansi am 7 slots available for the assembly of HDDs and 3 for 2.5-inch SSDs. Present then 9 PCI expansion slots including 7 for the motherboard and two vertical slots for the GPU. Maximum supported power supply is 288 mm, while for i 185 mm air heatsinks.

Comes in one fairly anonymous boxor and not very characteristic, but inside it is already denoted by the care and the maniacal nature of the German company. We find the case inserted in one protective shape impossible to break, and in the lateral slots the components or “additional pieces”, comfortably placed in dedicated slots. The case is a Full Tower, and as such it can be exploited to create many configurations, which is not obvious and trivial. Really excellent quality packaging.

Be Quiet! In fact, it was not satisfied with ensuring a lot of space and range of motion inside, he even thought about rendering the transformable houses, you can in fact rotate the plate once to mount the motherboard by 180 degrees, totally changing the appearance of your configuration, or turning it into a test bench, truly amazing. But no more chatter, what do we find inside?

In addition to the case we will find a totally mesh front, and a magnetic dust filter for the top, replacing the one already pre-installed. We will find then the two boards for the feet of the case. Inside the case we find an optional HDD caddy. In addition we find brendised Velcro straps.

The case is made of good quality plastic. The sensation it returns to the touch is pleasant, and above all the structure is quite solid, we have the impression of handling a very robust case. The case inside is upholstered with very thick insulating panels, these are aimed at absorbing vibrations and noises. These insulation boards are even 10mm thick.

A pleasant, but above all functional design | Be Quiet! Review Silent Base 802

The impact with white is strong, e the contrast of the black areas makes this case really pleasant to look at. The images speak for themselves. I think it is extremely elegant. The version we are reviewing does not have tempered glass, but is available for purchase.

The front area is impressive, we find two black and mesh side bands, at the bottom of the logo Be Quiet! There is also a slot on the bottom of the front panel, it allows you to extract the underlying part of the case. Let’s see a design alternative given by the elements that Be Quiet! Offers us.

We mentioned the rear part before, and just talking about this area, I have to say that I really appreciate it possibility of having a large anti-dust filter that runs through the entire underlying surface. It is not often found on houses in this segment. The extraction system is easy and, above all, the locking mechanism is solid. The retina is well made and dense. The feet are also sturdy, and have 4 rubber pads to give further stability to the large Full Tower. But the interlocking mounting system is not very pleasant, it needs a lot of strength to perform it. Before talking about the top, let’s see the connectivity side in detail. We find the ignition text, very minimal and non-invasive in design, a microphone and headphone input on the left side, and always on the same one input USB 3.2 Gen. 2 Type C and the small fan controller. On the right side we have the restart button.

The case in the upper part has a very closed cover, apart from some cracks in the final part, a certainly alternative option, but certainly better to opt for the second solution offered.

In the rear department the air intakes dominate, demonstrating the attention to Air Flow. The extraction system of the bulkheads is among the most comfortable on the market, just pressing the dedicated text is enough to release two springs and allow the panel to be opened, which is really convenient and fast.

The disassembly system of the front panel is to be appreciated with respect to the solutions in which this operation is carried out, to conclude it needs a great force to remove them. Here we have a not indifferent idea, a simple slide upwards is enough to release a spring. Some details on the details.

Let’s dive inside | Be Quiet! Review Silent Base 802

All panels, and the whole structure has sound absorbing panels, silence is really guaranteed with this solution. Inside we find three excellent fans already pre-installed, we are talking about the PURE WINGS 2. They are in version from 140 mm, and they are very good fans for the Air Flow, they boast a lifetime operating pari a 80,000 hours, and, at maximum speed they produce a noise of soli 18.8 dB(A), impressive if we think about their performances. Precisely in this regard, these PURE WINGS 2 in the 140 mm version offer an airflow of up to 104 CFM, at maximum speed, which is equal to 1000 RPM, for a static pressure equal to 0.76 mm / H2O, less suitable for radiators. Considering that a single fan of this kind costs around 10 euros, it is not just to have 3 already included in the price from the case, one less product to buy.

We continue the journey by going inside the large Full Tower, to admire the build quality that the German brand has reserved for those who buy this jewel. One word, even if I will be repetitive; quality in the details. This is the feeling.

The interior space is really a lot, but above all the possibilities of movement are many. We have a moduratity which is difficult to find. We have the PSU cover for a cleaner design, an area that obviously has the brand logo engraved, and which can be modified. In fact, we find roof panels in case we want a totally white design and zero communication in terms of Air Flow, though wanting we can extract them to give a different Look, and also ensure greater air flow. As always, the choice is yours. The plate that houses the motherboard can be rotated 180 degrees, and as if this were not enough to facilitate the installation of components we can even extract the upper plate that houses the AIO that you are going to mount.

Inside the quality is king, from the slots, up to the inserts, to the small clips scattered around the case to ensure correct cable management. We also have the ability to mount the GPU vertically, and all the space enough for our components such as GPUs and air coolers. On the back we already have a pre cable managemant carried out, and we can admire the cleanliness but above all the space that we can use to create a configuration decidedly clean, thanks to the space available, the PSU cover, and the convenient slots present. Notice the small logic board, or the hub for the fans, by installing the additional fans they will all be driven by the controler on the front. If you have more fans, a splitter that is easily found on the market will suffice.

The conclusions

Silent Base 802 is a absolutely complete product, from excellent value for money. It has a very high engineering complexity, everything has been curated and designed specifically to offer the best compromise between space and modularity, with a convenience in terms of assembly that is difficult to find. And ultimately, it presents an eye to Air Flow, always guaranteeing excellent dissipative performance, not to mention the possibility of easily cleaning the dust filters and obtaining a configuration that is always clean, but, above all, a build that is always silent.

One multi-faceted houses, I would dare to say able to change and transform. The dissipative performances are not in doubt, and the silence is king with this structure. Are you tired of a design? You can change this to your liking. In short, a complete case, which is the case to say, much more than just a case. If you want to continue to know the latest news from the hardware world, keep following us. Greetings from

Points in favor

  • Design
  • Silence
  • Build quality and details
  • Possibility of customization

Points against

  • Difficult and non-intuitive installation of the feet
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