Beko CEG5331X: perfect espresso like at the bar

A coffee as perfect as at the bar with the Beko CEG5331X automatic espresso machine with integrated milk frother

The Beko Smart Espresso Machine ensures one unique cuddle for when you wake up in the morning, but also for returning home after a busy day. It is characterized by its stainless steel coating and a comfortable panel with touch controls. Ease of use is guaranteed by the coffee grinder integrated with 5 levels of adjustment grain size, height-adjustable dispenser, 1.5 l removable tank and drip tray that can be removed.

Results like at the bar with the Beko CEG5331X machine also thanks to an infusion process with pressure at 19 bar; and al rapid heating which ensures a hot and creamy coffee. Other important features to highlight are the ease of cleaning of all the main components that can be easily removed, the programmable automatic switch-off and the lighting of the cup.

Beko CEG5331X: technical characteristics

This coffee machine, in total autonomy, takes the milk from the dispenser so as to serve the hot drink of your choice. Furthermore, with the Integrated Milk Frother, foam can be whipped while waiting for the coffee. You can choose the degree of grind you prefer and enjoy the coffee obtained in freshly ground beans with each cup. The container capacity is 150 grams and is equipped with aroma-saving lid, so as to keep the coffee isolated from air and light, while preserving its fragrance intact. The grinding is adjustable in 5 levels.

Beko CEG5331X: perfect espresso like at the bar

The freshly ground coffee is humidified before dispensing so that the aromas are released evenly. It can reach the 19 bar pressure pump for a coffee with an exceptional flavor. The high power allows the release of delicate aromatic oils, which contribute to the creation of the pleasant coffee cream. With the height-adjustable dispenser, you can enjoy your espresso in cups of 3 different sizes: small, medium and large cup. In addition, you can finally say goodbye to the splashes of coffee on the kitchen counter when using the cups.

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