Beko unveils the new compact combi oven BCW18500X

Beko svela il nuovo forno combinato compatto BCW18500X thumbnail

The new Beko BCW18500X it’s a combined multifunction oven characterized by compact size. The oven proposed by Beko guarantees excellent cooking results. For home chefs there will be the opportunity to use the combination of conventional and microwave cooking to prepare tasty dishes using half the time and saving on energy.

Beko presents the new combi oven BCW18500X

Among the main features of the new oven Beko BCW18500X we find the halogen lighting system which allows you to get a clear view of everything that happens inside, during cooking. In this way, it will not be necessary to open the oven door, altering the internal temperatures with the risk of ruining the recipe.

It should also be noted that the oven door can support up to 22.5 kilograms (about 20% more than traditional ovens) to offer a resistant support surface at the end of cooking. In this way, it will be possible to place the steaming dish on the open door without any risk.

The characteristics of the oven

The oven has a internal volume of 40 liters and can rely on 10 cooking functions. Also note the presence of an LCD display, for all information on operation. The oven finishes are made of stainless steel. The dimensions of the new Beko oven, on the other hand, are 45.9 x 59.4, 46.7 cm. The energy efficiency class of the new oven presented by the company is A.

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