Bending Spoons fires employees who worked on the Filmic app

Bending Spoons licenzia i dipendenti che lavoravano all'app Filmic thumbnail

All the employees that worked on Filmicvideo and photo editing app, have been licensed by Bending Spoonsthe Italian developer who acquired the application (and famous for the app Immune, among others). It seems that the competition with the Blackmagic app, distributed free for iPhone, was impossible to beat.

Filmic, all Bending Spoons employees fired

The news comes first from Peta Pixel (via DDay), but they confirmed it on LinkedIn several former employees of Filmic, who posted messages looking for new employment. These announcements confirm the layoffs and reinforce what the sources reported. The previous CEO of Filmic, Neill Barhamreported the end of his employment with the company in November, further confirming the changes that have taken place within the company.

Among the various apps developed by Filmic, some have acquired a certain notoriety. As Firstlightan application dedicated to mobile photography, Filmic Proknown for high-quality video recording, and DoubleTakewhich allows simultaneous recording via the device’s front and rear cameras.

Bending Spoons acquired Filmic in September of 2022 with the stated intention of contributing to the application’s growth plans and accelerating feature development. However, just over a year after the acquisition, it appears that the company’s direction has taken a completely different turn.

The change could result from the strategic move of Blackmagicwhich made its application available on iOS. The arrival on mobile of a completely free but well-made application has evidently put a strain on the position of Filmic applications. Also free, but required in-app purchases.

Bending Spoons then had to review its investment in the company, even firing all its employees. Photography and video enthusiasts who still use the apps can, for the time being, continue to do so. But perhaps they would do well to try other solutions.

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