Dopo Spotify BeReal sta per aggiungere l'integrazione anche con Apple Music thumbnail

BeReal: after Spotify, integration with Apple Music is coming soon

Just a few weeks ago BeReal, the popular social network that stands in contrast to the filter-laden content of Instagram and TikTok, had announced the integration with Spotify. Today, however, we discover that it will be possible let your BeReal friends know what you are listening to even using Apple Music.

This was revealed by a Mastodon user, such Rodrigo Castro, who made it known that the new feature would be currently in the testing phase. Other users who have access to beta testing have confirmed the presence of a button to synchronize Apple Music and BeReal accounts.

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Apple Music is coming to BeReal

As already happens on Spotify, Apple Music users will be able to connect their account. In this way yesIt will be possible to show BeReal friends and followers what you are listening to at the time of shooting. Yes, because BeReal, as the name suggests, focuses entirely on real content, not post-produced, and live.

The social network had great success at the end of 2022, precisely because it went against the trend. In fact, while Instagram, TikTok and Snapchat wage war with filters, AR and advanced content creation tools, BeReal focuses on simplicity. Users can only shoot with the camera, without accessing the camera roll, and cannot edit their shots. Also, in order to see others’ posts, you must have posted in the last 24 hours.

Shared posts follow the Stories rule: they stay online for 24 hours before being deleted.

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