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Best ADSL and fiber offers that can be activated | March 2021

The best ADSL and fiber offers that can be activated this month: here are the opportunities to take on the fly among the numerous rates

What are the best ADSL and most interesting fiber offers for this month? Providers also offer this month promotions dedicated to customers who activate a new contract, through discounts, gifts and other particularly interesting advantages that make Internet solutions for the home even more convenient than the list costs. We present the selection of fiber tariffs e Compara Semplice ADSL offers, the online rate comparator.

TIM Super in ADSL and fiber – Best ADSL and fiber offers

The new Telecom Italia home offers, launched a few weeks ago, are the TIM Super, available in ADSL, mixed copper fiber and optical fiber versions. All offers they include TIM VISION for free, the modem on loan for use and a free option chosen by the user (unlimited calls, advanced assistance, Smart Home for home surveillance, TIM VISION PLUS or Safe Web Plus for navigation protection).

TIM Super offers include telephone calls on consumption at 19 cents per minute, with a connection fee of 19 cents, plus one unlimited connection up to 20 Mega (ADSL), 100/200 Mega (XDSL) and 1 Gigabit per second (optical fiber). The cost of the plan it varies depending on whether or not the modem is chosen, while the activation is equal to 15 euros for 1 year.

  • TIM Super ADSL: 35 euros per month with the modem, 30 euros without;
  • Super Mega TEAM: 25 euros per month for 12 months with the modem. Without the device included you will not be entitled to the promotion and the cost will be 35 euros per month;
  • TIM Super Fibra: 25 euros per month for 12 months with the modem. Without the device included you will not be entitled to the promotion and the cost will be 35 euros per month.

Vodafone Internet Unlimited – Best ADSL and fiber offers

The operator Vodafone, on the other hand, offers a single offer for ADSL and fiber, depending on the coverage available: it is Internet Unlimited, at the cost of € 26.90 per month without modem or € 27.90 per month with the Vodafone Ready service included and, therefore, with the Vodafone Station. Also included is activation, a data sim with 30 GB per month and 1 year of service PlayStation More free (the latter included only if you subscribe to the plan online, without consultant support).

The Unilimited Internet rate includes offers calls to national landlines at 19 cents per call and to national cellphones and international landlines (USA, Canada, Western Europe) at 19 cents per minute, with a click of 19 cents. The connection can be in ADSL up to 20 Mega or in fiber up to 1 Gigabit per second.

Fastweb Casa – Best ADSL and fiber offers

Starting from this month Fastweb abandons the Internet-only plan and relaunches the fixed offer with the profile Home, at the cost of 29.95 euros per month, activation and FASTGate modem included. The provider’s customers can access various advantages, including free access to the WOW FI network outside the home (hotspots generated by customers’ modems, available in different areas of Italy) and the possibility of requesting a unlimited cloud (WOW Space) for only € 9.95 per year.

With Fastweb Casa you will have unlimited phone calls to all national numbers, with no connection fee, and an ADSL connection (up to 20 Mega) or optical fiber (up to 1 Gigabit per second).

Wind Fibra1000 and ABSOLUTE – Best ADSL and fiber offers

The Wind “by infostrada” tariffs are also part of the best ADSL offers of July 2019 and are offered both in ADSL (up to 20 Mega), and in mixed copper or FTTH fiber up to 1 Gigabit per second.

The most interesting promotion is certainly the one linked to Fibra1000, at the cost of € 26.98 per month, with modem, assistance and activation included. The rate includes calls with a single connection fee (23 cents) to all national and landline numbers in Western Europe, USA and Canada, plus the unlimited data network. In addition, 100 GB per month is free forever of mobile Internet for use with the family’s smartphones and mobile devices.

Wind ABSOLUTEinstead, it is the tariff without modem of the provider’s official price list, with activation included and the same services as the previous offer (calls with a click of 23 cents and unlimited navigation). The monthly cost of the plan is 25,99 euro.

Beware of constraints!

The best offers ADSL and optical fiber of this month the main operators, therefore, offer calls, Internet and additional services at advantageous prices, especially for those who choose to become new customers while keeping the same number. We remember that almost all the offers mentioned have a minimum stay of 24 months, except for the new one Fastweb Casa, which maintains the formula without constraints of the previous rates.

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