Best betting sites: bonuses and rankings | March 2021

Migliori siti scommesse: bonus e classifica

Best Betting Sites: An important headline for an article that aims to be a beacon in the sea of ​​online betting offers. Choosing the best betting sites is not easy, that’s why I intend to offer you valuable help

Thrill is part of human nature. To experience a feeling of adrenaline we dive from airplanes in flight with the parachute, we jump from a bridge attached to an elastic rope wrapped around the ankles, we go off-piste on skis, we whiz on two or four-wheel racing cars to experience that unique sensation .

Then there are people like me, a little more couch potatoes, who don’t despise the thrill, but who prefer not to necessarily risk the neck bone. For this kind of people, the biggest thrill is that of stay in suspense until the ninetieth minute of a sports match, hoping that the result does not change or overturn at the last second! Even with a non-existent penalty, it is not important, just as it is not essential to win that ticket. What counts is being able to boast the next day, with friends and relatives, for having taken the “fixed 2” from Inter v Sassuolo.

Best betting sites: bonuses and rankings |  March 2021

Best betting sites: some advice before the ranking

Establish a list of best betting sites it’s not as simple as it might seem! Surely we must take into account the “welcome bonus“, But also the graphics of the site and its interface, simple or not. However, behind each of them, there is a factor that overshadows all the rest.

In the world of the web, there are many sites that pass themselves off as the best betting sites, but not all of them have the necessary AAMS certification. The certification I am talking about is undoubtedly by far the first thing to look for in a betting site, even before registering.

This certificate is easily recognizable and must always be present and clearly visible (by law) within each page of the betting site. Generally, the logo I’m talking about (which you see in the photo above) is at the end of the page where the mandatory terms and entries are found, such as, for example, the gambling ban for minors under the age of eighteen.

Best betting sites: bonuses and rankings |  March 2021

Best betting sites: security yes, but room for fun!

After having fulfilled our moral duties, we can now make room for motivations more akin to fun and hypothetical gain.

Many sites offer decoy! For example, you are promised to receive double the amount paid with the first credit to your gaming account. What is often not said, however, is that that additional money cannot be withdrawn for any reason! Let me explain: if you decide to pay your first credit bill game 50 euros, you will receive double, but if you win immediately you will not be able to withdraw, otherwise the bonus will vanish. This was just a small example, one of the many ways some sites use to deceive you.

In this ranking dedicated to best betting sites I will provide you with a list of certified sites that offer a series of respectable welcome bonuses and that will allow you to bet, in complete tranquility, on the most disparate leagues.

Best betting sites: bonuses and rankings |  March 2021

Best betting sites: welcome bonuses

Another aspect to consider before choosing which betting platform to sign up for is evaluate the convenience of the offers that take the name of “Welcome Bonus“. The welcome bonus is nothing more than an incentive, which can be provided in the form of additional credit or particular multipliers for a given period of time, dedicated to users who register for the first time on a betting platform. These offers vary from month to month and will be the first thing you will see popping up on the home page of the best betting sites that we have listed below.

The advice is to take note of all the welcome offers and put them in the balance of pros and cons that will guide you in choosing the betting platform that is closest to your needs.

Best betting sites: the ranking of the top 10

We have therefore arrived at the ranking of the best betting sites. The sites that you will find in this list are obviously holders of the values ​​described above.

PS: to follow your bets, I invite you to read our guide to the best football streaming sites.

Welcome bonus updates for the current month

Like every 30 days, we tested all the links contained in our article and replaced (if needed) the invalid ones! The ranking is therefore also updated for this month.

  • Bet 365 – up to € 100 Welcome Bonus
  • Sisal Matchpoint – up to € 225 Welcome Bonus
  • Snai – up to € 200 Welcome Bonus
  • Better – up to € 50 Welcome Bonus
  • Bwin – up to € 200 Welcome Bonus
  • Betfair – up to € 100 Welcome Bonus
  • William Hill – up to € 100 Welcome Bonus
  • Eurobet – up to € 200 Welcome Bonus
  • 888Sport – up to € 100 Welcome Bonus
  • Unibet – up to € 75 Welcome Bonus

See you next month!

These were our picks for the best betting sites. Obviously, if you know others, you can list them via the comments box located at the bottom. We also invite you to take a look at our guide to the best online casinos.

Best betting sites? Yes, but remember to play responsibly!

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