Best cheap new cars under € 10,000 | March 2021

Migliori auto nuove economiche sotto 10.000 euro

How many times have we thought that to buy a car that meets our needs, while also gratifying our passion, it takes too much money? Well, that’s not really true: here are the 10 best cheap new cars under € 10,000, very affordable but of great quality and also pleasant to use. Surprised? Then let’s run to see them in detail!

If we need a car let it be reliable and robust, that consumes little and maybe it is also spacious, to travel comfortably with the whole family, the choice is certainly not lacking. However the budget to be taken into account will be important, especially if we want a car that is also aesthetically satisfying and maybe brilliant in performance. And here the problem arises: our budget may not be so “generous”. But don’t worry! There are cars that meet all these requirements and that despite being utilitarians, they can accompany us on our travels for many years, without making us forget driving pleasure and without taking away the satisfaction of driving a car frompersonal and pleasant aesthetics. So, if we are planning to change our old car, perhaps to leave for the holidays, we could find the one that suits us among the 10 best cheap new cars under 10,000 euros. Why find a good car at an affordable price it is by no means just a matter of sacrifices: just reflect objectively on your needs e knowing how to choose. And this selection is made on purpose to give us a hand!

Before continuing, we remind you that if you are interested in buying ahybrid car, it is advisable to consult our guide to 10 best hybrid cars. If you are instead novice drivers, we suggest you read the one at best cars for novice drivers.

Best cheap new cars under € 10,000

Also for this month, our selection of cars is reconfirmed as a valid guide, which will direct you to the best choice for your needs, allowing you to take home a good quality car without spending a fortune.

To report this month the very recent production of Fiat Punto and Alfa Romeo MiTo: even if the list price would normally exceed the estimated budget, we will certainly be able to count on shortly substantial end-of-career discounts. Given that in any case, when we buy a new car, it is always a good idea to negotiate on the final price, even more so in the case of these two cars we can have a good game in trying to get a real “sale price”. In any case, it is due widely used models, reliable and low in consumption: remember, however, to focus on smaller engines. It is also important to evaluate which type of engine is best suited to our needs, remembering that if, in general, diesels seem to be reaching the end of their career, petrol, on the other hand, will offer us lower mileage per liter. It remains to be understood as the last thing if we prefer to focus on comfort or on the sporty image but after all this is only a matter of personal taste and necessity. And if these two cars are not for us, do not worry: as we always remember, finding a car that allows us to save on full fuel and on the purchase price by gratifying our passion is not impossible, rather it is just a matter of choosing well. So what are we waiting for? Let’s run right away to read this guide and leave for the holidays with our new car!

1 – Ford Ka + 1.2 70 CV: 10,500 euros | Best cheap new cars under € 10,000

Our review of “The 10 best cheap new cars under € 10,000”Opens with the Ford Ka+, a great little car, which focuses on substance without making us give up on prestige of a brand that has always been synonymous with seriousness and reliability. The aesthetics are positively surprising, in fact the Ka looks like a nice 2-door utility car youth style and jaunty. The length of 3.94 meters makes it excellent even for those who ride often in the city, without having to make sacrifices in terms of space and habitability. The Ka is closely derived from the old Fiesta, and it takes many positives from that car, including the five seats as standard and a trunk that nevertheless retains one good capacity, considering the type of car. The assemblies, materials and finishes are undoubtedly convincing and you have the feeling of being on a well built car.

Best cheap new cars under € 10,000 |  March 2021

Ford Ka+ 1.2 90 CV

Only the performances disappoint a little: the engine, petrol 1.2 liters and 70 HP, bet everything on savings and does not favor spirited driving. Having said that, the car still offers good performance, but let’s forget burning shots: better focus on relaxed driving, which will allow us to get closer to 20 Km/l declared by Ford. This car, very honest and reliable, represents an intelligent choice that does not give up a premium brand. Pay attention only to the basic set-up, which does not include air conditioning: it is better to think about it if we often travel with the family or with animals on board, perhaps in summer. We could take the opportunity to go upstairs and maybe even to choose a particular color, which can give the Ka a lot in terms of aesthetics and palatability. Of course, the transition to the next trim level it won’t be painless in economic terms. As always, the advice is to think well about what we really need in everyday use.

2 – Suzuki Celerio 1.0 Dualjet S&S Cool: 11,290 euros | Best cheap new cars under € 10,000

A compact car with an original appearance, which is appreciated for its substance. But let’s not be fooled bycompact appearance: the length of 3.60 meters allows it to accommodate comfortably four adults, on the “base” series, or a little more squeezed five adults, on the superior fittings that make us spend much more. A tip: if we don’t travel often full, there will be four seats more than enough and will allow us to stay almost within the budget, exceeding 1,290 euros. Too bad that the “base” does not have the very useful air conditioner as standard but still guarantees a level of finishes and assemblies that has nothing to envy to the competition.

Best cheap new cars under € 10,000 |  March 2021

Suzuki Celerio 1.0 L

The 1.0-liter petrol engine doesn’t thrill with performance but, according to Suzuki, promises to do well 23 km with one liter of fuel in the city, a value that we must take down, but which still guarantees us to buy a car truly sparing in consumption. The installation of theLPG system, in fact today the House releases exclusively the model with the petrol engine, so we do well the count of the distances we travel every day to evaluate if it can really be useful. Valuable and reassuring the third year of warranty supplied as standard by the Japanese company, as well as road behavior of the car that is always comfortable and “sincere” in every situation.

3 – Dacia Sandero 1.0 SCe 75 CV Comfort: 9,850 euros | Best cheap new cars under € 10,000

The main positives of this car are certainly there the generous dimensions e youthful aesthetics. Derived from the Renault Clio, the Sandero offers roominess family proof and finishes now in step with the times and with a robust appearance. Also there driving safety, both active and passive is very good, keeping up with the competition and this is certainly not an aspect to be neglected. Inside the space for people both in front and behind is more than adequate, ditto for luggage and this makes this car also suitable for motorway travel. Speaking of the equipment, in all honesty the chosen version is not the cheapest but compared to the base (sold for 7,900 euros), it forces us not to give up many fundamental options and is equipped with an engine that delivers much more panache.

Best cheap new cars under € 10,000 |  March 2021

Dacia Sandero 1.0 SCe 75 CV Access

In fact, compared to the “base”, under the hood we find an engine 1.4-liter supercharged with 90 hp, which combined with the third year warranty included in the price convinces us to spend a little more, but do not worry: we are still within the budget and we could take home a truly complete car at the sale price! We could even add the very useful optional air conditioner, or the LPG system, which costs around 500 euros more, but which will ensure a super saving, especially if we go a long way or we plan to keep our new car for several years. If, on the other hand, we do not want this optional, we will still be able to count on declared consumptions that are attested on 20.4 Km/l: a guarantee of not too frequent stops at the gas station!

4 – Seat Mii 1.0 5p Style: 11,280 euros | Best cheap new cars under € 10,000

Another car in our selection is the Seat Mii 1.0 in Style version: small car with 5 door, ideal for urban travel, especially in the most chaotic cities. Comfort assured per 4 people, driving simplicity and absence of vibrations are combined with new on-board technologies, among which we must remember the new Hi-Fi You & Mii Color with six speakers, entrances USB e SD, display a colori, new system for smartphone connection and Bluetooth connectivity. The only flaw can be represented by the little usable trunk due to its shape, but it still guarantees a capacity of 220 liters.

Best cheap new cars under € 10,000 |  March 2021

The engine, a 1.0-liter petrol engine with 60 HP and 3 cylinders, does not disappoint for its liveliness, taking into account that the speed and recovery qualities are certainly not the main feature of this car, also thanks to the high center of gravity. This means it is definitely best to drive relaxed and enjoy the soft trimhi low consumption. If long journeys are expected, the same car can be purchased with the methane engine, which however requires a extra cost of € 2,000 but which guarantees low fuel consumption, making the Seat Mii a car that is in step with the times.

5 – DR Zero 1.0: 8,500 euros | Best cheap new cars under € 10,000

A nice utilitarian that looks fresh and youthful. It shares the same base as the Chinese Chery QQ, not sold in Europe, but looks like the plus version fashionable and delicious of the latter: an adaptation to European tastes, especially in terms of interior fittings. We must keep in mind during the purchase that we do not have no chance in the choice of fittings and customizations, since the car already has standard equipment a rich and complete endowment, which by the way also includes the precious air conditioner. The habitability is good compatibly with the small size and the only 3.56 meters long, in other words good species at the front and only for four adults, who have to make many sacrifices in terms of luggage. Much better if we travel alone or in two. The finishes in general are acceptable and demonstrate the vocation of this car, designed in the name of maximum practicality and economy.

Best cheap new cars under € 10,000 |  March 2021

DR Zero 1.0

Also good i very low consumption and the easy handling. The engine, albeit …