Best CPU Coolers to Buy | March 2021

Migliori dissipatori CPU da acquistare

This monthly guide to buying a CPU cooler will not be divided by price ranges but by categories, based on the final use. In each sector we will show you the best CPU coolers to buy according to your budget

The CPU cooler, another great underrated. Fundamental to keep the processor of our PC “cool” and guarantee its duration and efficiency. Essential component for both those who love silent PCs and for those who practice OC (overclocking).

In this guide we are going to suggest the suitable CPU heat dissipation solution for every system, be it by air O all-in-one.

Differences between the best CPU coolers: air, all-in-one (AIO) solutions and liquid cooling systems

The typical air-cooled PC is full of fans, quite noisy (if you save on the fans), and less efficient than a custom liquid system. However it is cheaper as well it does not require maintenance, apart from the cleaning that must be done periodically. Being in Aria there are no risks for the system, at worst a fan breaks, but once replaced everything returns to its original efficiency.

Best CPU coolers, not just air!

A liquid cooling system, on the other hand, uses a series of pipes, one or more radiators, various liquid-blocks (for CPU, GPU and Ram) and a pump (or more) through which a coolant fluid passes (usually distilled water). . To install this system you need a large and suitable case, at the same time it is difficult to install. Furthermore you have to pay attention to the perfect tightness of the system: a leak of liquid “frying” the whole PC.

In the middle between best CPU coolers are placed i sistemi all-in-one, managed to carve out a good slice of admirers among those who prefer compact cooling systems. They are easy to install and do their job without the need for maintenance, when they lose efficiency they change. AIOs are generally more expensive than air solutions and do not always match their performance, they have a shorter duration over time. Every 2 years they should be replaced.

Best CPU Coolers: The Complete List

No news this month. We remind you that with the arrival of different solutions dedicated to Treadripper (TR4), we have added a separate section due to the mechanical incompatibilities between the TR4 heatsinks and those for all the other sockets.

Best silent CPU coolers (no OC)

Best CPU Coolers (Lightweight OC)

Best CPU coolers (OC pushed / CPU hot)

Best AMD Threadripper CPU Coolers

Top CPU heatsinks by category

In this section we will insert the recommended heatsink for each of the categories seen above: among the various options we will recommend the one we prefer regardless of the price.

  • Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO
  • Noctua NH-U12S
  • Corsair Hydro H100i v2
  • Coolermaster Masterliquid ML360R RGB TR4

See you next month!

I hope this guide was helpful to you and remember that it will be updated monthly. For any doubts or suggestions, I invite you to use the comments box below.

PS: remember to also choose one of the best CPUs and maybe one of the best monitors!

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