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Best electric epilators for women | February 2024

Body care is essential especially for women who care a lot about their skincare, but waxing can be very painful as well as annoying, maybe opt for an electric epilator? Good, because here you will find the best electric epilators for women

Skincare can be something a person cares about or not, but the fact is that devices like this are useful and really useful. This also applies to men, in fact you will find the electric hair remover on offer Philips. Mainly, however, skincare is something that is very interesting to women, so here we want to list some electric epilators that we recommend you buy. Spoiler: there is also a Philips epilator. Let’s begin! Here is the complete list:

  • Braun Silk-Epil 9 Flex 9002
  • Braun Silk-Epil 9-710 Epilatore SensoSmart
  • Panasonic EL7C
  • Philips BRE730/00 Series 8000
  • Braun Silk-epil 3270

Best electric epilators for women |  February 2024

Braun Silk-Epil 9 Flex | Best electric epilators for women

This epilator really offers a complete hair removal and it really does so in a delicate and long-lasting way, ensuring professional and excellent quality results. The head is flexible, so it is very versatile and very easy to use, thus making hair removal more effective, faster and more comfortable. The handle is nice and firm, the non-slip grip allows you to avoid falls. Furthermore the MicroGrip technology offers very precise hair removal, thanks to the 40 tweezers and they remove the hair from the root. Finally the SensoSmart technology it also applies the right pressure to make it more comfortable.

Best electric epilators for women |  February 2024

Braun Silk-Epil 9-710 | Best electric epilators for women

This epilator was designed to be intelligent. In fact, one of the main features is the integrated pressure sensor, which measures the pressure exerted on the skin. It can remove hair 4 times shorter respect to waxing thanks to the epilator head 40% wider and at 40 pinzette MicroGrip. Meaning it makes the skin very smooth and hair-free. Also it is very versatile and water proofIn fact, you can also use it while taking a relaxing shower, in fact, the hot water even helps reduce pain. Among other things it is also wirelessso you can dare it literally anywhere.

Best electric epilators for women |  February 2024

Panasonic EL7C | Best electric epilators for women

Il Panasonic EL7C It is designed to be extremely effective for quick hair removal. Has a ergonomic design which makes it comfortable to hold and its head is 30% wider compared to classic epilators, which allows you to cover a larger area and shave hair in a single pass. It also has double discs with 60 tweezers which capture hair efficiently and make the skin smooth and silky. Plus the head it is adjustable at 90° and allows many movements, thus making hair removal much easier and more comfortable, shaving even the most difficult to see parts of the body. Finally it has 3 speed settingswhich allow you to adapt the intensity of hair removal according to your needs.

Best electric epilators for women |  February 2024

Philips BRE730/00 Series 8000 | Best electric epilators for women

Here is the famous Philips brand! The epilator Philips BRE730/00 Series 8000 offers truly comfortable and long-lasting hair removal. There double action technology allows you to remove even the shortest hairs up to 0.5 mm. The epilation head has well 32 hypoallergenic ceramic tweezers, 50% longer, which remove more hair in a single pass. The tweezers move easily over the skin, reducing friction and making body care more enjoyable. But one of its most notable features is its speed, in fact it is the fastest in the Philips range and allows you to save a lot of time. Furthermore, theergonomic handle makes it extremely comfortable to hold.

Best electric epilators for women |  February 2024

Braun Silk-epil 3270

The electric epilator Braun Silk-epil 3270 It is perfect for hair removal. It has gods massage rollers which gently stimulate the skin and even massage it. This innovative system increases comfort and makes hair removal much more pleasant. One of the main features is the a 20 tweezers which allow you to remove hair and allow long-lasting results. His SoftLift Tips they also lift flat hairs and allow them to be easily removed. There luce Smartlight It also makes hair removal even easier. He also has one razor head which allows it to be used effectively even when dry, and also a regulating cap which can reduce the width of the hair removal area.

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