Best electricity and gas rate at a fixed price

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What is the best rate for electricity and gas at a fixed price? What is it that is actually “fixed”? And is it really worth it? These are all questions that we are asking ourselves in recent weeks, with the increase in bills which inaugurated this 2022. We then took a tour of the websites of the main electricity and gas suppliers to understand which rates could help us save.

Electricity and gas offers at a fixed price: what does it mean?

Price blocked” means that the unit cost of energy, therefore of 1 kWh of electricity and 1 Smc of natural gas, is fixed for a period of time which is normally 12 or 24 months. This means that during that period the supplier will not be able to modify it for any reason, regardless of the fluctuations in the price of the raw material.

Naturally the total will depend on consumption. This means that the price established for the single kWh or the single Smc will be multiplied by the kWh and the Smc you have actually used. You will find the total under the heading “Expenditure on energy matter” of your bill.
To this you will then have to add the other expenses, therefore those for the transport and management of the meter, for the system charges and taxes. Be aware that the first two items may also be subject to change during the promotion period.

Does this mean that it is not convenient? Actually yes. As shown by the data from ARERA (Regulatory Authority for Energy, Networks and the Environment), recorded in the period 2013-2021, the consumption of electricity and gas weighs heavily on the bill, therefore by reducing the price of energy it is possible to save.

ARERA data

Increase in bills Gas trendARERA data

What other rates are there?

The alternative to fixed price rates are the offers at indexed prices, with the cost of the raw material which varies periodically on the basis of an index linked to the wholesale market. Normally the PUN is used for electricity while for gas we have PSV and TTF.

There are also ARERA indexed price offers, where the cost for what is called the “protected market” is established by the Regulatory Authority for energy, networks and the environment. In this case the cost varies every three months and updates are made in January, April, July and October.
However, know that ARERA will continue to carry out this work only until 31 December 2022, date which will mark the end of the protected market.

Best electricity and gas rate: what are they?

best offers for electricity and gas

Let’s start with fundamental information: on the free market today there are over 100 electricity and gas suppliers, which has given rise to hundreds of different tariffs. Also keep in mind that prices and promotions may change over time.

Having said that, let’s find out which are the most interesting offers.

Best light rates

Sorgenia Next Energy 12 Light is a single-hour rate of 0,25272 €/kWhthe same for all hours and every day with a 12 month contract.

Eni allows you to save even more with Link Lightwith a single-hour rate equal to 0.2129 €/kWh and a two-time schedule with F1 light (Monday-Friday from 8 to 19) at 0.2282 € / kWh and F2-F3 (19-8, weekend and holidays) at 0.2053 € / kWh.

Iren, with Quick Luce Webraise with 0,1953 €/kWh for 24 months while Tate has a fixed price offer of 0,242 €/kWh for 12 months.

Best gas rates

Also on the gas front Sorgenia comes up with an interesting offer: 0,9283 €/Smc for 12 months with the tariff Next Energy 12 Gas.

With Eni gas and electricity we go down to 0,7768 €/Smc by adhering to the offer Link gas valid for 12 months, after which the price drops again and becomes di 0,6042 €/Smc.

Iren responds with Quick Gas Web a 0,698 €/Smc for 12 months while Tate sets the price a 1€/Smc.

Which supplier do you have? How do you find yourself?