Best football apps

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What are the best apps for following football and for all “ball” fans? Let’s find out together in this dedicated guide

If you are a football fan and want to have the world of football at your fingertips, you are in the right place. The best football apps I’m here to satisfy yours thirst for news, live matches, results, predictions and much more. In this article, we will walk you through a list of the most amazing football apps available for smartphones and tablets. Whether you’re interested in following live matches, reading the latest transfer news, managing your dream team or even betting on the results, you’re sure to find an app that’s right for you. So, get ready to immerse yourself in the exciting world of football thanks to these incredible applications.

Best football apps

DAZN | Best football apps

DAZN is a sports streaming service available on Android, iOS/iPadOS devices and various other devices such as Smart TVs, video game consoles, Google Chromecast and more. It offers users the ability to watch live football matches, including Serie A, Serie BKT and Europa League, as well as some matches from major European leagues. Users must sign up for a monthly subscription to access the content offered by DAZN, which also includes a wide range of other sports and sporting events. The DAZN app is user-friendly and offers a high-quality viewing experience for sports fans.

Best football apps

All football | Best football apps

“All Football” is an app, among the best in this field, dedicated to football lovers, available on Android and iOS/iPadOS devices. This app offers comprehensive coverage of current football matches, live scores and football-related news. Users can follow live match scores, access team lineups, view league standings and read the latest news and updates on the transfer market. “Tutto il Calcio” is a useful resource for staying informed about the latest news and details of football matches around the world.
Best football apps

OneFootball | Best football apps

“OneFootball” is an application dedicated to football fans, available on Android and iOS/iPadOS devices. This app offers comprehensive coverage of the world of football, providing live news, match results, statistics, video highlights, transfer information and much more. Users can customize the app to follow the teams and leagues they are interested in, receiving personalized notifications and updates. “OneFootball” is a reliable resource to stay updated on latest news and match details of football from all over the world.

Best football apps

Live | Best football apps

“” is an application available for devices Android and iOS/iPadOS dedicated to football and sports lovers. This app offers a complete service for following football matches in real time, providing live scores, team lineups, scorers, game statistics and further match details. Users can customize the app to follow competitions and teams that interest them, making it a reliable source for staying up to date on sporting events. “” is a useful resource for sports enthusiasts who wish to closely follow ongoing matches and competitions.

Best football apps

SOS Fanta | Best football apps

“SOS Fantasy Football” is an application dedicated to fantasy football fans and is certainly one of the best football apps in a very special way, available on devices Android and iOS/iPadOS. This app is designed to help users manage and optimize their fantasy football team. It offers features such as viewing player statistics, lineup suggestions, news and updates on player performances, live scores of soccer matches and much more. “SOS Fantacalcio” is a useful tool for fantasy football fans who want to improve their performance in the competition and make informed decisions about their team.

Best football apps

Happy football everyone!

These are the best football apps which make this sport even more accessible, engaging and personalized than ever, allowing fans to fully experience their passion for this extraordinary sport. Whether you’re a football fan or just curious, these apps offer something for everyone. Let’s list them again for a complete overview:

  • DAZN
  • LIVE

Let us know what you think and if you want to recommend other similar applications to add to our list. For further news, guides, updates and news from the world of technology and beyond, continue to tune in to the pages of