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Best free Formula 2 streaming sites | February 2024

Follow F2 races without Pay TV? We have drawn up a list and reviewed the best sites and streaming services on which to follow Formula 2 for free

Since its reintroduction, Formula 2 racing has become a fixture for all car and high-speed lovers. However, unlike the competitions of the higher category, which are also broadcast on normal television networks more often than not, to be able to watch an F2 race users have to work a little.

There are two main solutions: watch it live streaming for free or by paying. In the first case, it is difficult to find a 100% complete service, due to broadcasting rights. Below, we will discuss the best sites with free F2 streaming available on the Internet.

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Where to watch F2 races | Best free Formula 2 streaming sites

Those who want to watch F2 without subscribing to a Pay TV have several alternatives at their disposal:

  • RAI: following the release of the Rai Play streaming platform, the Italian Radio and Television arrives on the web, continuing to provide entertainment even away from the good old small screen. Rai has official approval from Formula 2 to broadcast some races.
  • TV8: this television network owned by Sky allows you to watch the races both online and by tuning into digital channel 8. The races are, however, deferred, i.e. after the conclusion of the official event.
  • NOW TV or Sky GO: having mentioned the most famous Pay-to-Watch platforms in Italy we can only mention the possibility of using NOW TV or Sky GO to watch Formula 2 live almost free of charge. The online streaming service, in fact, is available at no additional cost to those who already have a Sky subscription.
  • Free streaming sites: the price you pay for SportLive, SportZone, SKStreaming, CacioZone and CalcioLOL is not in money, but in the quality of the broadcast. Although the definition of the streaming is not of the highest possible quality, these platforms make up for it with the possibility of watching, in addition to F2 races, also football, basketball, tennis and rugby.
  • VipLeague: another completely free alternative, VipLeague is also a service to use to follow matches of various sports disciplines, including Formula 2 races.

To the sites just discussed, they are also added YouTube ed Eurosport. We only mention it because, on these platforms specifically, it is not possible to watch the races in their entirety, but only the highlights, interviews with the drivers or the staff are uploaded.

As we mentioned in the introduction, however, it must be said that the use of free platforms entails some disadvantages. First of all, often not all races are broadcast. We’re not just talking about the absence of the live option, having to settle for watching the match deferred, but the total lack of broadcasting itself.

However, if it were possible to follow them live, the quality of the streaming could leave something to be desired. Both problems can be solved by opting for a paid service, perhaps choosing a fairly cheap alternative like Now TV.

The network broadcasts all the races live, complete with qualifying, pre-race interviews, tests, etc. The total cost of the subscription is quite low, considering the advantages it brings.

Foreign portals F2 | Best Free Formula 2 Streaming Sites

Several foreign portals also broadcast F2 completely free of charge. The cons that characterize the free alternatives mentioned in the previous paragraph are not completely eliminated, despite the fact that on the best sites to watch foreign F2 the streaming quality is significantly superior.

Then there are other negative aspects. In fact, if you opt for this option, you must take into account the possible presence of annoying advertising, in the form of banners or pop-ups, as well as commentary in a language other than Italian.

In some cases, you may also need to install and use a VPN to access the platforms. Among the foreign portals to contact we remember:

  • RSI La2: it is an Italian-language broadcaster broadcast in Switzerland that broadcasts the most important sporting events for free. To be able to use this broadcaster you will need a VPN, but the quality of the streaming and the presence of the commentary in Italian are worth it.
  • BBC Sports: The British network BBC also broadcasts F2. It could be the ideal solution for those who don’t want to give up watching the competition in high definition and aren’t bothered by the commentary in English.

Other excellent foreign portals are:

  • RDS 2 (French commentary)
  • MTV 3 (Finnish commentary)
  • Nova Sports (commentary in Czech)
  • Orange Sport (commentary in Romanian)
  • V Sport (Swedish commentary)
  • Sports 1 (commentary in Czech)

Betting on F2 | Best Free Formula 2 Streaming Sites

Car racing is a must for a bookmaker truly worthy of calling himself one. Given the extreme popularity of both F1 and the lower categories, fans have a wide range of choices available to them when it comes to finding a site to place their bet on.

To be sure of turning to a safe dealer, with excellent odds and bonuses, it is always better to rely on the opinion of experts, such as those at who have long been responsible for selecting and reviewing Italian and foreign operators active on the web.

However, the research to be carried out before playing the betting slip is not limited to choosing the bookie. Once you have selected a manager, to increase your chances of winning you will have to carefully study the driving style of the drivers and the teams, comparing the strategies they intend to follow.

In addition to this, it is advisable to have a weather site or app at hand, to evaluate the weather conditions, which in car racing more than ever can influence the outcome of a race.


Watching races for free has its pros and cons. Unpaid streaming platforms allow you to follow riders and races without having to reach into your wallet.

However, the price to pay comes in other forms, namely VPN, less than top live quality and lack of continuity in the transmission of events.

That said, they are still a valid alternative for enthusiasts who just want to enjoy the thrill of watching a race and don’t have excessive demands on the service.

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