Best Free Money Earning Apps |  March 2021

Best Free Money Earning Apps | March 2021

Let’s analyze together which are the best apps on iOS and Android to earn free money easily and without any registration!

We have all wondered at least once if there is any application that allows you to earn money over time. This is indeed a rather peculiar theme, given that the iOS and Android smartphone stores are full of apps that apparently claim that this is possible, but in reality not all of these applications reflect what they claim, which actually proves to be a classic leak. of time. However, there are some apps that allow you to scrape together something, but certainly all this requires patience and the earnings are not very high. So let’s see what the best apps to earn free money through the use of iOS and Android devices.

Caution: TuttooteK and the author of this article assume no responsibility for the use of the apps in this guide, which is for information purposes only.

Best Free Money Earning Apps |  March 2021

Best apps to earn free money: the list

Below is our ranking of the best apps to earn free money through iOS and Android smartphones. We remind you that this list will be updated on a monthly basis to offer the best possible information on the subject.

Toluna – Best Free Money Earning Apps

Toluna is an application that allows you to earn for free by answering surveys of all kinds. In fact, you can answer quick questions, but there are also real market analyzes, which are frequently offered by numerous companies. Available for both iOS that for Android, Toluna requires the creation of a account, since you have to accumulate points which will then be converted into Amazon, Alitalia, iTunes, Zalando, Mango and vouchers even in PayPal top-ups.

Best Free Money Earning Apps |  March 2021

Caution: if desired, it is also possible to connect your Facebook profile to Toluna, thus speeding up the creation of the account.

High Opinion – Best Free Money Earning Apps

In second place in our ranking we find a site to earn money through surveys: it is High opinion. Unlike Toluna, High opinion it is not an app, at least not for the moment, but it is a real website, which means that it can be accessed from any PC, smartphone or tablet that has an Internet connection. Another detail not to be overlooked is that this page does not allow you to top up your PayPal account, but at the same time offers coupons Alitalia, Amazon, Mango e Zalando.

Best Free Money Earning Apps |  March 2021

Caution: also in this case it is necessary to create a official account, by entering your personal data, so that you can redeem the desired voucher. To connect to the page and register, you can click here.

ByMyEye – Best Free Money Earning Apps

Another very useful app is ByMyEye, which offers rewards to all who accomplish some “Missions”. In other words, with this application it is possible to receive real money by simply completing activities, which can be for example the search for a product at the supermarket or the confirmation of a street in your city. This app is available for both devices iOS that Android and, of course, it requires one registration to link your PayPal or bank account.

Best Free Money Earning Apps |  March 2021

Caution: in order to participate in a mission, you must book by selecting the button “Book” in the activity list. Once booked, the mission can be viewed on the screen “Book”. Of course, if for any reason you decide to give up, you can cancel your reservation by clicking on “Waiver”, visible in the list of booked activities.

TiFrutta – Best app to earn free money

Continuing our ranking, we have the app TiFrutta, available both on the store iOS that Android. This application consists of receiving cash compensation by shopping, which is quite useful. To do this, you need to create your own profile and then send the photo of the shopping receipt. Furthermore, on the main screen there is a list of products which, if purchased, are converted into vouchers. Once the minimum threshold is reached, you can request the transfer of money to your account PayPal, BancoPosta O Bank account.

Caution: currently this application seems to be downloadable from the stores, but does not work.

AppJobber – Best Free Money Earning Apps

AppJobber is an application very similar to ByMyEye, as it allows you to receive money through the completion of tasks. The substantial difference is that it is an app that allows you to do a job even regardless of your geographical location, which can be an advantage if there may not be many missions in your area. AppJobber is available for both iOS that for Android.

Foap – Best Free Money Earning Apps

Another really nice app is Foap: it is in fact an application that offers rewards based on the quality of the photographs sent. Here you can upload photos taken of your own will, but you can also complete missions, at the request of companies. In the first case, each photo will be evaluated and a score will be attributed to it, while in the second case the regulation provided with the description of the company activity must be respected.

Caution: Foap is available for both iOS that for Android and requires one registration for the reward on your PayPal profile.

Sales App – Best Free Money Earning Apps

Finally, we point out other apps, certainly well known, that offer the possibility of earn by selling personal items: among these we have eBay, Kijiji, e Shpock. These are all applications available for devices iOS e Android, then just install them on your smartphone and, after registering, you can sell anything. This means that you will need to create an ad, including the product description and some illustrative images, in order to make it easier for the buyer to choose your product rather than that of another seller.

Have fun!

The guide on the best iOS and Android apps to earn free money ends here. We remind you that for any problem we are available through the comments box below. Furthermore, we recommend that you take a look at our guide to the best free and paid antivirus, since the web is full of dangers and PCs are not always able to neutralize the enemy attacks of the cyber world!