Best Gaming Chairs | March 2021

Best Gaming Chairs |  March 2021

Don’t be uncomfortable during your gaming sessions! Choose one of the best gaming chairs and improve your performance

Whether you are using a PS5, an Xbox Series X or a latest generation PC, it doesn’t matter; there is probably still a piece to fix and it is time to consider it.

Didn’t you understand what I’m talking about? Maybe you don’t pay much attention to it because you seem to be comfortable, but in the long run, sitting on the sofa for hours and hours playing your favorite videogames it can lead to back damage due to poor posture.

You should therefore consider purchasing one ready for gaming, specially designed for long gaming sessions and that offers adequate support for your back, allowing you to maintain an ideal posture.

As well as for the choice of the console or the new hardware for a PC, it is not always convenient to throw yourself into anything that is excessively cheap, because the materials may not offer adequate comfort.

In addition to the build quality and the materials used, you will also need to decide on the look of your new gaming chair: you will find many more flashy models, but there are also several on the market more elegant solutions and that are less conspicuous, so you can be also used in the office if necessary.


Diablo X-Player 2.0 – Best gaming chairs

The Diablo X-Player 2.0, the latest product of the Polish company Diablo Chairs, is a gaming chair made with the intention of offering at the same time a comfortable seat and a unique design.

The backrest can be adjusted up to 140 °, the armrests are adjustable in height and can be rotated to the preferred position. The materials used for the coating are three:

  • HDS faux leather for the side of the seat and the rear of the backrest
  • rete Diablo Honeycomb for the central section of the chair, the one directly in contact with our body
  • EcoFiber fiber for the central insert of the chair

Diablo X-Player 2.0 is available in three sizes (Kids, Normal e King) e three color variations regarding the inserts: red, black and white. The base color of the chair is black for all three variants.

The price is just over € 200, which combined with the attention to detail, i materials used e i systems adopted, make it a best-buy, that worth every penny.

Sharkoon SKILLER SGS2 – Best gaming chairs

The Sharkoon SKILLER SGS2 is the classic gaming chair with a sporty design, but unlike almost all the models on the market, it is not covered in imitation leather but in soft breathable fabric.

Among the main features we find it backrest tiltable up to 160 °, height adjustable e 3d armrests adjustable to the right / left, adjustable in height and movable forwards / backwards.

The base color for this model is nero. To vary are the color of the two cushions included and of the finishes, available in 4 variants: fluorescent green, blue, red and gray.

With a price between 250 and 300 € is an excellent chair of medium level, suitable for those looking for something not overly expensive but not even qualitatively too low.

noblechairs Icon – Best gaming chairs

Model Icon di noblechairs is not the usual videogames chair a bit “tamarra”: its classic and elegant design differs from most of the models on the market, making it perfect office use as well as gaming.

Available in four fabrics (faux leather, real leather, nappa and vinyl / faux leather hybrid) also thanks to the use of a breathable density foam, guarantees high comfort and adequate breathability, even after several hours of use.

Among other things, the presence of the 4D armrests, adjustable vertically, horizontally, sideways and forward / backward.

This nobelchairs falls within the price range over € 350, a price largely justified by the build quality and premium materials used for its realization.

GTPLAYER Gaming Chair with Bluetooth Speaker – Best gaming chairs

GTPLAYER entered the gaming chair market with a very particular product. On the sides of the back of the chair, at head height, they are in fact positioned due speaker bluetooth designed to guarantee an immersive 360 ​​° sound experience.

The backrest is adjustable up to 150 °, the armrests are adjustable in height, as well as the height of the chair can be adjusted. The upholstery is in fake leather and the package includes i two pillows for lumbar and cervical support.

This gaming chair is available in asingle color: black with blue inserts.

It is proposed in the price range below 200 €: it’s a good product entry-level (especially if it is discounted) for those looking for a chair at a not exaggerated price, without too many pretensions. I materials and build quality are in fact not of the first order, but it still remains a good product to start.

Corsair T2 Road Warrior – Best gaming chairs

The T2 Road Warrior proposed by Corsair is a gaming chair devoted to comfort: its wide seat and high back allow you to remain comfortable even during the longest gaming sessions.

For this chair Corsair decided to use della rollerblade style wheels, not exactly common solution, to ensure better smoothness on any surface without leaving marks.

There is no shortage of height adjustment, lo backrest reclining up to 180 ° and also the possibility of adjust the armrests not only in height, but also forward / backward or right / left.

The T2 Road Warrior it is only available in nero, while you can choose the color of the finishes among the 5 available: black, blue, red, white, yellow.

This chair is also within the price range over € 300.

AKRacing California – Best Gaming Chairs

Model California produced by AKRacing it is designed for people not too tall (150-170 cm) and of small build (45 – 70 kg).

The build quality is very good, the padding material used for the backrest and seat is a high-density foam that guarantees excellent comfort. The coating, on the other hand, is in polyurethane (PU) imitation leather.

In addition to the height of the chair, it is also possible to adjust that of the armrests, as well as being able to backrest up to 180°. In the box are including two pillows for the lumbar and cervical area.

L’AKRacing California goes to position itself in the price range over € 300.

It is available in three colours: Laguna (white with black inserts), Napa (blue with white inserts) and Tahoe (purple with white inserts).

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